Running compiled tcl script (exe) with expect 5.43 - time out issues.

Posted by gargml on 2015-02-24 05:24
Forums: Expect discussion | OS: Windows

I'm trying to compile an exe application from a Tcl script files.
I'm using TDK 5.2.0
The compilation command -
tclapp.exe -prefix C:/Tcl/bin/base-expect-win32-ix86.exe -pkg Tclx -pkg Itcl -pkg Expect main.tcl -out tcl-out.exe -startup lib/application/main.tcl .\*.tcl -log log.txt

Before the compilation, I tried to run my tcl script with tclsh and
everything worked just fine.
After the compilation the application keeps hanging with "expect timed out" :
1) Running tclsh with expect 5.43 - everything works.
2) Running compiled tcl script (exe file compiled form Tcl script) with expect 5.40 version -
everything works.
3) Running compiled tcl script with expect 5.43 (real version) - time out issues after spwan.

I have couple of questions:
1) What is the difference between the tclsh run and the compiled version
2) Could there have been a changed from expect 5.40 to 5.43 that could
create that time-out issue? (this is waiting for a prompt from a unix
server through SSH).
The weird thing is that my compiled version of Expect 5.43 is working
with tclsh but no through the compiled version of my scripts.

Please advise,
Many Thanks !