TCl Expect with Windows 8

Posted by arasharm on 2015-02-15 22:59
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We have written many TCL scripts(TCL 8.5) with Expect 5.3 to interact with the router, mainly Cisco Routers. We execute these scripts from a stand alone application which is a desktop based one. We have not faced any problem in Mac or windows Xp or Windows 7.

The problem is with Windows 8.
tclsh crashes when we try to 'spawn' in windows 8.
We tried adding sleep, inserting #!/usr/bin/expect -f at the beginning of the scripts, Remove all Comments, update Expect and TCL. But no use :(

What is the possible solution for this??

Thanks in advance.

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2015-02-16 09:55

Especially the 32-bit version of Windows 8.1, but Expect also has known problems on Windows 2012/2012R2 and 64-bit 8.x.
Improved Microsoft security behaviour appears to be the reason.

Possible solutions: Use Windows 7, which has a less secure design. Alternately, use Linux, or OS X where Expect does not depend on a deep magic hack.