Tcl package with Dev Kit Crashing

Posted by asilver on 2015-02-09 11:24
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I have an application that is wrapped using Tcl Dev kit. I've built my own basekit using the below command line and it has been working fine for years. However, I recently saw this crash on a Windows 7 system that it was recently installed on. It happens often on this system.

Error message says "ActiveState Basekit has stopped working". I have the full error messages in a windows crash dialog I captured (jpeg). Is there anyway I can include that capture here?

Al Silverstein

C:/TclDevKit/bin/tclapp.exe -nospecials -prefix C:/Tcl/bin/base-tk-thread- -out net-sense_base_wintk.exe -architecture win32-ix86 -pkgref BWidget -pkgref "Expect 5.43.2" -pkgref Itcl -pkgref Itk -pkgref Iwidgets -pkgref Trf -pkgref base64 -pkgref blowfish -pkgref dns -pkgref ip -pkgref Tclx -pkgref registry -pkgref starkit -pkgref cmdline -pkgref fileutil -pkgref "tablelist 5.6" -pkgref "tablelist::common 5.6" -pkgref img::png -pkgref img::base -pkgref pngtcl -pkgref zlibtcl net-sense_base.tcl

ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2015-02-13 10:20

Does it do this on application start-up, on application shut-down, or at some specific point during the execution of the wrapped code?

Start-up/Shut-down problems would likely be local, and if you're only seeing this on one specific system, it's likely something local on that system.
- Possibly an AntiVirus package?
- If it's an Enterprise Windows 7, group policy settings might be a factor.

If it's happening during execution,
- Is this a 64-bit Windows 7? Could it be crashing when trying to run Expect?