Expect for WIndows 5.40 Source code

Posted by gargml on 2015-02-08 01:25
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Hi All,

I'm Trying to find the source code for Expect 5.40 for Windows.

All I could find in here / sourcefroge / Google is version 5.43 source code.

This Version is somehow diffrent from 5.40, and when compiling an executable file form TCl code + Expect 5.43 using the TclAPP.exe with TDK 5.2

I'm having dependancy issues + timout issues form the Expect modle.

Hence, i Would like to use Expect 5.40 which already proven to be more reliable for my needs.

Can anyone advise ?

Many thanks,

ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2015-02-12 15:43

which is the correct place to ask for the OpenSourced bits.

A caveat:
I doubt very much that Expect 5.40 will actually work for you unless you are still on XP. That's code from 2005, and does not account for Vista UAC or Windows 7 DEP.

gargml | Tue, 2015-02-24 04:49

We know that Expect 5.40 works well on those OS
All that is required is small enviroument changes like you mention -
Disable the DEP and UAC.

Other than that, works well.

BTW - still nowhere to find the Expect 5.40 source code.
im still looking

Thanks for your feddback on this