TDK tclchecker version 5.4 not checking Tk commands

Posted by colin.mcdonald on 2014-12-10 08:26

I've installed TDK 5.4, and the checker is no longer checking Tk commands. They are all flagged as undefined. The script I am checking includes a "package require Tk", and checks OK with TDK 5.3. If I run TDK 5.4 tclchecker with the -verbose option I see:

scanning: test.tcl
checking: test.tcl
test.tcl:1 (pkgUnchecked) Will not check commands provided by this package: Content mismatch, file "/opt/TclDevKit/bin/tclchecker/data/pcx/Tk.pcx" registered package "coreTk" instead
package require Tk
test.tcl:2 (warnUndefProc) undefined procedure: frame
frame .f

Packages Checked | Version
Tcl                8.5

Number of Errors:   0
Number of Warnings: 1

Number of messages per id:
  warnUndefProc  1

Commands that were called but never defined:

Additional diagnostics.
Number of package uses without PCX definitions: 1

  Note: Use option -v or -check pkgUnchecked to see package names.
        This issue cannot be fixed in the Tcl code which was checked.
        Talk to the administrator for your Tcl Dev Kit installation
        about installing additional PCX files.

ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2014-12-10 13:49

Tk.pcx was split out to allow better support for custom definitions, but there's still a place where the old way remains. We're working on a fix.