Active Perl and IIS on newer windows server versions

Posted by gulliver.m.smith on 2014-11-09 08:21

I'm not seeing anything on ActivePerl and IIS newer than 2012.

I have been tossed a legacy application - Perl 5.8.xx relying heavily on the static storage provided by PerlEx.

I can't find any updated articles on the subject of PerlEx. Last time I looked there wasn't a PerlEx with later versions of Perl.

My questions are
- is there a version of PerlEx for the latest versions Perl
- will PerlEx run on new versions of IIS
- is there an alternative for new versions of IIS
- will Perl 5.8 still run on newer versions of IIS


ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2015-06-22 11:32

PerlEx is 32-bit only, and has to be manually selected on newer installers as a reminder to review the license conditions.

PerlEx will only run in a 32-bit Application Pool.

Newer versions of IIS will not install the full set of IIS tools by default, so you may need to add the development packages.

The site must be off-line when ap-iis-config is run from a cmd.exe window started with "Run as Administrator".