Return Python output?

Posted by abdelouahab on 2014-10-08 13:02

Is there a way to return a result of a python program on the Command Output?
here is the problem:
I try to make a web application (tornado), but the problem is that i only see which links i used, but if i use a 'print something' on the code, i cant see the result of this variable.
Komodo Edit, version 8.5.4, build 14424, platform win32-x86. Built on Thu Aug 14 00:30:57 2014.

ashwinmevin | Wed, 2016-04-27 02:44

print: gives the value to the user as an output string. print(3) would give a string '3' to the screen for the user to view. The program would lose the value.
return: gives the value to the program. Callers of the function then have the actual data and data type (bool, int, etc...) return 3 would have the value 3 put in place of where the function was called.