Tclchecker Oratcl.pcx

Posted by on 2014-07-29 10:02
Forums: TDK support | OS: Windows 7

Is there an updated Oratcl.pcx for the Oratcl 4.5 version? The one that came with our recent purchase of the TDK is only for version 2.5 and doesn't support what we need.

I tried modifying the file to add the missing commands (e.g., oraparse) and that solves some of the problems. But the orafetch command still logs an error because it doesn't recognize the -datavarible switch. When I changed the check to stop checking for the badSubstChar error and instead tried to add a check for the -datavariable switch, it gets a numArgs errors.

Also, everyone one of our oraplexec commands is generating warnUndefinedVar errors for each instance of name/value pairs. It thinks that everyone one of the names with the colon prefixing it is an undefined variable. We have over 2000 of them.

Diana Petty