Error "file too big" when compiling tcl with TclDevKit 5.0 or 5.2

Posted by on 2014-07-22 12:46

On our build machine, TclDevKit is working fine, but on the development machine I'm currently setting up I get this problem when using tclcompiler for whichever Tcl file I try to compile using the "tclcompiler" or "tclcompiler84" commands. It doesn't seem to let me cut and paste from the GUI so I will type it in here:

Command line:
/opt/TclDevKit-5.0/bin/tclcompiler84/main.tcl -verbose -nologo -prefix none /path/to/custom.tcl
Flag: -prefix none
Compilation of "/path/to/custom.tcl" failed: couldn't read file "/path/to/custom.tcl": file too big

However, the file's contents are a dozen lines of boilerplate comments plus this code:

proc custom { invals } {
    set result ""

    return $result

It's only 1.4 KB so doesn't seem possible to be "too big". It gets this same error on all the other Tcl files that work fine when I try it on the build machine that's been working for years.

I've checked the TAPS are the same in the build machine and on my dev machine.

Any ideas?

jesse.pangburn@... | Tue, 2014-07-22 15:39

The problem seems to be running the compilation on a CIFS network share. Copying the same file to the local filesystem resolved the problem.