Windows install library setup

Posted by nick_xfae on 2014-07-01 08:48
Forums: TEA discussions | OS: Windows 7

I did an install of ActiveState ActiveTcl (64-bit) using all defaults. I installed as admin.

I attempt to run a piece of known good TCL code and receive the following error message from wish86 or the console.
can't find package Iwidgets 4.0

I found the hint below from a similar thread but after a few attempts I realized I do not know what to set the values too.
"you can set ITCL_LIBRARY and ITK_LIBRARY"

Pretend I am real ignorant tell me in the simplest possible way how to clear the error. Assume I know nothing more than how to type and maybe click a mouse (And some days that is questionable.)

All too often tech knowledge is shared by an expert class user assuming their audience is has a very clear understanding of arcane terminology that is very specific to the exact area the student does not understand. When the expert explains the solution with nothing but this arcane terminology the student still does not understand. (Yes, in my own little tech world I am as guilty as anyone of doing the same thing.)

Have FUN!