Error / bug -- Unable to install packages

Posted by patrick23r2 on 2014-06-10 13:14

I'm using Active Perl and the Perl Package Manager for a project for a grad student. I am using ActivePerk 5.16.2 Build 1602. I'm on Windows 7

I'm trying to install 2 packages, but the "Mark for Install" button is grey-ed out and I can't click (similarly, if I search for the package name and right click it, I see the option to Install it but it is also grey-ed out). The packages I would like to install are for 2.30 and 1.13

Every time I load PPM, I get this window:
All activated install areas are read-only. You cannot currently install or remove packages. Try enabling the uninitialized Areas in the Preferences dialog

So I press Ok to close the window. Then I go to the gears icon on the right to load the PPM Preferences, and I click around and I click "site" and it asks:
Should PPM start tracking packages in site?

I press "Ok" and it's error and Access is denied.

Reading into this online, I can conclude that it is a bug of the software and not an issue of the permissions. I don't understand how to follow the solutions that are provided.

Solution 1:

Can anyone help me find a solution / work through the solution offered?

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2014-06-10 13:30

That is an expected message if you install to a locked down directory.

Try the PowerShell workaround recommended for CVE-2012-5377