Community License Terms

Posted by himanshus on 2014-06-10 10:08

In the context of a code quality reporting toolkit and the recent change in community licensing term for Active Perl, there are few questions that we are faced with:
1. Does the use of Active Perl during the development of an internal quality reporting toolkit still qualify under community licensing?
2. Can the project teams using the toolkit still use community license to use the Active Perl on their internal build machines in order to use the toolkit?
3. What are the approximate pricing for the Enterprise License (~100 installs) and OEM License.

We are developing an in-house quality reporting toolkit that will be used by various software development teams (approx. 100 in number) in our organization to periodically generate software quality reports. The report itself is a bunch of static HTML pages that will be made available to team members over a simple HTTP server. As an internal team we are not expecting any revenue to be generated from the toolkit, but only expect to drive the quality improvements in end products.

The reporting tool rely on a bunch of Java programs and Perl Scripts to aggregate quality relevant data and generate reports. Since the toolkit will be deployed by individual project teams on their developer or build machines, they will also need to deploy the run-time support namely, JRE and Perl. More so as we are not going to package any of the run-time along with the toolkit.

During the toolkit development we have used Active Perl 5.16 as the run-time, and would be recommending the same to the project teams that are going to use the toolkit.

ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2014-06-11 07:08

That's a better method to get an answer for this specific question.

himanshus | Wed, 2014-06-11 17:26

I had a thought that there are several organisations like mine who will like to receive some pointers or hints to manage their Active Perl usage, hence the post on the forum. Nevertheless, looking forward to reply to the sales query. Thanks.