DLL or VB to Perl

Posted by joago on 2014-06-09 03:59

hi --> I seek 4 days for my problem --> please help

I have CortalConsors.TradingAPI.dll and CortalConsors.TradingAPI.tlb and the doc for all objects inside.

I want made code in perl

I have example in .VB like

Imports System
Imports CortalConsors.TradingAPI.DE
Imports CortalConsors.TradingAPI.ValueObjects.DE
Module TradingAPIClient
    Sub Main()
            ' Create the session facade
            Dim sf As New SessionFacade

            ' Login

I have also example in C++.COM , C++.NET and c# .

If I write:

my $sf=Win32::OLE->new('CortalConsors.TradingAPI.DE.SessionFacade');
print $!;
print Win32::OLE->LastError();

then I have: Win32::OLE(0.1711) error 0x80040154: "Klasse nicht registriert"

If I do : regsvr32 CortalConsors.TradingAPI.dll

then I have : Das Modul CortalConsors.TradingAPI.dll wurde geladen aber der dllRegister-Server Eingangspunkt wurde nicht gefunden

In which manner can I use the .dll in perl ?????

--> I try WIN32::OLE and WIN32::API and have no success !!!!!

In OLE/COM Object Explorer I see:

Name: CortalConsors.TradingAPI.DE.SessionFacade
GUID: {C30D1F5C-0F97-4A05-BACA-885D135975B8}
   {C30D1F5C-0F97-4A05-BACA-885D135975B8} =
      Implemented Categories =
         {62C8FE65-4EBB-45E7-B440-6E39B2CDBF29} =
      InprocServer32 =
      InprocServer32[RuntimeVersion] =
      InprocServer32[ThreadingModel] =
      InprocServer32[CodeBase] =
      InprocServer32[Assembly] =
      InprocServer32[Class] = =[Assembly] =[RuntimeVersion] =[CodeBase] =[Class] =
      ProgId =

SDK also not work because

I have not vbs source only vb ...

in SDK is vbs and not vb converter this giv me:

Errors in input.
Syntax error at or near line 5, column 1:
Module TradingAPIClient

Thank you (sorry for my english)