Automated installation in NON-ADMIN environment

Posted by j.kreuzberger on 2014-06-06 07:28


I am using ActivePerl in an automated / continous integration system (jenkins).

During the job i try to install ActivePerl on Windows / Linux machines.

This is ok for linux, cause ActivePerl is provided as package, and installer has several commandline options to install as non-root user

On Windows it is hell!

1) Officialy only msi packages are available. I took me some time to detect, that there are also zip files availabe for download. Couldn't these be added to the download page? Or the folder be linked there to get them?

2) The virtual machines i use in my jobs have mostly such UAC or UAL or what the windows hell they call there user access rights. So if i try to install the active perl msi in silent / unattended mode, it opens a box and asks to get administrator rights. This is blocking my job. i cannot change these rights in the job either.

3) After finding the packages (zip) i hoped it solved my problem, but realised that the installer.bat does not accept ANY commandline parameters, just is interactive (ActiveState::prompt).

So i patched the installer.bat to allow several command line options for silent install.
(--silent --prefix= --skip-ppm --skip-html)

So please folks at activestate: Please integrate this functionality into your future releases for windows installations :-)

I would be glad....

Talking about

The attachment is an zipped windows batch file

Installer.zip7.2 KB

ugo_t | Mon, 2014-06-09 05:34

I think it would be useful to have a "portable" version of Activestate Perl.
I mean, some zip file to unpack anywhere, giving a full perl environment without any installation. To use this portable version of perl, it should be enough to prepare the environment by running some batch file.

In this way one could install all the packages that (s)he needs and bring a full perl environment on a USB stick or on a network share.

This is something already available with strawberry perl, but I really like Activestate Perl and the convenience of ppm, so I would be glad to see a "portable" Activestate Perl.