Installation question about the location of modules installed using ppm

Posted by rhema316 on 2014-05-09 06:36
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows 7

Good morning.

I am fairly new to using Perl and so if my question is something I should know I ask for your patience.

I have installed Perl 5 using the install process that installs the Padre ide. A directory was created - Dwimperl.

When I use ppm to install a module i.e. Spreadsheet::Read for example, I can't find the install anywhere. Where does PPM install modules that are downloaded?

Thank you for any help or direction. I did search for an answer but was unable to find one.


ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2014-05-09 07:38

DWIM (and Strawberry Perl) uses a different version of PPM than ActivePerl does.

You should be able to find support information for DWIM Perl from here:
and from the Strawberry Perl site:
You may find what you want on the links Strawberry Perl gives for StackOverflow and their IRC channel