Changing Stackato >= 3.2.1 default rebranding values

Posted by jamesf on 2014-05-07 11:11
OS: All / Any | Product: Stackato | tags: rebrand stackato

How do I rebrand my Stackato instance earlier in the setup process? How do I change the defaults?


It's possible to change the look and feel of your Stackato console right on the "Settings" creen, but this must be done after the first user is setup.

We've issued a patch for Stackato 3.2.1 which enables you to change the default look and feel values, and it also allows you to customize things prior to the first user setup.

To do this, install the patch "console-theming" via kato patch. After applying it, you may put the following files in your /s/static directory:

console_eula_template.ejs (EULA template)
console_support_template.ejs (Support page template)
console_welcome_template.ejs (Welcome page template)
console_settings.json (various settings as below):

     "product_name": "Stackato",
     "company_name": "ActiveState Software",
     "vendor_version": "3.2",
     "default_locale": "en",
     "product_logo_favicon_url": "img/stackato_logo_favicon.png",
     "product_logo_header_url": "img/stackato_logo_header.png",
     "product_logo_footer_url": "img/stackato_logo_footer.png",
     "background_color": "#ffffff",
     "style": "",
     "external_docs_url": "",
     "use_local_docs": "false",

If you have any questions contact Stackato support.