Can I use PPM with Strawberry Perl?

Posted by papageek on 2014-01-22 19:59
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows 7

I have been programming computers since 1967, hence the name PapaGeek. I am well versed in visual studio C++ and C#, but I am a relative Perl newbie.

I am working with Strawberry Perl, Eclipse, and Epic on Windows 7. The PPM package with Strawberry Perl, to be as polite as possible, sucks!

Can I run the Active State PPM process with my Strawberry Perl? If so, what are the steps that I need to follow to properly install it? Again, you are talking to a newbie, so write the answer like a chapter in “Perl for Dummies”.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Papa Geek

ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2014-02-06 10:03

ActivePerl PPM won't be portable to Strawberry.

CPAN has PPM v2.1.9, which might be what Strawberry is using already...

ActivePerls are using various PPM v4.x releases, which are our own updates.