Posted by brents on 2013-12-18 20:13
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ActiveState announces the immediate release of Stackato 3.0.1.

Stackato is the application platform for creating a private, secure, flexible Platform as a Service (PaaS) using any language on any stack on any cloud. From the desktop to the datacenter, Stackato makes it easy to develop, deploy, migrate, scale, manage, and monitor applications on any cloud.

To learn more about Stackato and download the release, go to

Please make sure to download the new client when using the new VMs. You will find the clients available for download from the VM as well.

Make the most of Stackato - check out our sample applications at

Review our updated Stackato documentation at

Changes in this release since Stackato 3.0 beta and client 2.0.2:

==== Stackato 3.0.1 ====

  • Management Console:
    • Updated Web Console for enhanced user and organization management
    • [100376] Support line breaks in env variables in Web Console
    • [99914] App Store: Apps with missing requirements (e.g. services) have disabled deploy buttons
    • [101029] UI for creating routes and associating them with applications
    • [101031, 101738, 101739, 102081] UI for managing domains
    • [101786] Added route management UI to application view
    • [101840] Update web console browser requirements
    • [101910] App Store offers options for which Domain to push to
    • [101942] Fixed Organization quota usage bar
    • [102013] Prevent deletion of reserved URIs
    • [102023] Removed "Allow non-local URLs" setting. Domains are now attached to Organizations.

  • Docker (Containerization):
    • [101853] Upgrade to Docker 0.7
    • [101893] Fix a Docker container memory leak
    • [101772] New naming scheme for app images (stacks)
    • [101813] Added networking tools (net-tools package) in app image

  • Logyard:
    • [101635] Fix inotify panic in systail
    • [101616] Updated inotify
    • [100670] Avoid camel-case in stream JSON keys
    • [101558] Limit the number of custom app logs
    • [101863,101887] max_user_drains quota replaced by max_drains_per_app

  • Kato:
    • [101648] kato report and kato cluster --all (-a) options changed to --cluster (-c)
    • [101354] Add kato cluster upgrade functionality
    • [102106,101700] Fixes to kato node reset
    • [101798] Fixed kato process stop config_redis (and sup stop config_redis) hang
    • [101081] Config changes force a process restart
    • [101188] kato report no longer asks for sudo password

  • [98724] Added global admin hooks
  • [99950] In-place node and cluster upgrade
  • [101993] App Store: use shell escaped args when calling stackato client
  • [101560] Enable rotation of some log files
  • [101692] Remove appstore containers after use
  • [101993] Fix shell escaping of arguments in app store deployments
  • [101872] Deleting an app will now delete its drains
  • [100396,101370] Added import/export support from both CFv1 and CFv2 based systems
  • [101823] Upgrade Ruby and Rails components against reported vulnerabilities
  • [101973] Upgrade ActiveRecord to 3.2.16
  • [102025] Revoke AOK token on logout
  • [101822] Address NGINX CVE 2013-4547
  • [101925] Remove passwords from cloud_controller_ng logs
  • [102003] Enhancements for web console re-branding
  • [101917] Account for different exit status returned by Fence
  • [97541,101449] Made libpq-dev and bundler available in container
  • [99476] Improve security of router SSL handling
  • [100687] Add max length validation to org and space names (64 chars)
  • [100900] Deny non-SSL requests to AOK
  • [101254] Update java-buildpack from v1.0 to v1.5
  • [101590] --env settings are always written
  • [101750] Add --url to appstore push API
  • [101980] DATABASE_URL and POSTGRESQL_URL env variables now uses "postgres://" instead of "postgresql://"
  • [101980] JDBC_DATABASE_URL env variable now available ("jdbc:postgresql://")
  • stackato client updated to 3.0.0:
    • [102085] Fix issues communicating with Stackato v2
    • [101761] Improve handling of UPSI vs. managed services
    • [101763] Add configurable --timeout for start and push commands
    • [101473] Warn about a BUILDPACK_URL without proper framework type
    • [100929] Dropped --name alias for --as
    • [90686] Add stackato run --all option
    • [101381] Improve semantic checking of YAML keys
    • [101702] Allow the use of plain domains (without host) for (un)map
    • [94022] Add pre-push hooks
    • [97575] Improve -d debug port handling
    • [101507] Improve handling of multi-instance app startup
    • [101443] Improve handling of switch commands against known orgs/spaces
    • [101812] Improve handling of non-json responses
    • [101859] Show events for spaces as well as applications
    • [101949] Default to URL based on current space
    • [100346] Fixed hang in stackato tunnel with CF v1 targets

    Release notes:

    Enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

    ithkuil | Tue, 2013-12-24 12:59

    Is it this Docker container memory leak you fixed ? Or another one.

    Can we get a hint as to how you fixed it.

    Thanks. Awesome product by the way.

    ActiveState Staff
    Thu, 2014-01-02 15:03


    That fix was related to our implementation of docker, rather than docker itself (as in we had a leak in number of containers, not a memory leak).

    Lorne Dixon