Remote debugging with Eclipse

Posted by k4llle on 2013-11-27 04:04
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I'm using the tcl debugger from the TclDevKit to debug a script that uses a tcl shell that is embedded in another application. I start the debugging process with the attach.tcl file. It works really well when I listen for the connection with the TclDevKit debugger standalone. I'm developing tcl with eclipse and I want to use the debugger right from eclipse. There is an interface to do that. But in the debug configuration dialog I have to specify an Ide Key. The textfield has the default value "idekey". If I use that key, the debuggee cannot attach to the debugger. Do I have to set the idekey in the attach.tcl file or maybe as a parameter of debugger_init? Is it possible to define that idekey? Or is there a default idekey that I can use? The problem is, I cannot leave the textfield in eclipse empty.

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ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2014-03-13 10:02

but that probably comes from an Xdebug layer:

There is a Tcl debugger engine plug in for Komodo IDE, which others have used with Eclipse: