Stackato: Adjust filesystem quotas retroactively

Posted by jamesf on 2013-11-25 15:58
OS: All / Any | Product: Stackato | tags: filesystem quotas stackato

My filesystems don't appear to have a large enough quota, but I increased it. What's up with that?


The default filesystem size is 100M. You can find more info about the default filesystem setting here:

When you change this setting, it will only take effect with filesystems created after changing this setting.

If you wish to inspect the quotas on a lower level, you can look in the area where your filesystems live. The filesystems, unless you have relocated them or are using external storage, will likely be in a path like /var/vcap/services/filesystem/storage on your Stackato VM and have names like "stackatofs-2623db6af1dc84b". You can check the quota for a given filesystem by typing:

sudo quota -s -u stackatofs-2623db6af1dc84b

If you wanted to set that filesystem to 200 MB, you could type something like the following. We strongly recommend you backup your filesystem before making this change:

sudo setquota -u stackatofs-2623db6af1dc84b 0 204800 0 0 -a

Where 204800 is the quota in KB. While it is possible to adjust quota limits for individual filesystem services using this method, we do not recommend you use this method for anything other than retroactively updating filesystem quotas after the default limit has been changed. Please also consult the documentation for the quota and setquota commands.