list of teacup *installed* packages ? list of files/sizes ? guibuilder does not work...

Posted by on 2013-11-16 02:13
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I am new to teacup, and I did not find in the help doc how to:

1) list the actually installed packages/profiles on my local machine ? ("teacup list" lists the available packages, without specifying the ones which are actually installed or not)

2) get the precise list of the files included in a given package ? possibly with their sizes ?

3) the application "guibuilder" does not work on my system (Linux 64 Mageia 3, Window Maker, ActiveTcl 8.6) it opens an "ActiveState" little window, and hangs.

Thank you very much ! and congratulation for the great job done on Tcl/Tk !


gkubu | Fri, 2013-11-29 08:15


I'm no specialist at all, but I would like to suggest regarding

1) teacup list --at-default

or for the no-risk-no-fun-community

teacup remove --dry-run

2) to have a look into the installation directory itself

3) see

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