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ActiveState announces the immediate release of Stackato 3.0 beta.

Stackato is the application platform for creating a private, secure, flexible Platform as a Service (PaaS) using any language on any stack on any cloud. From the desktop to the datacenter, Stackato makes it easy to develop, deploy, migrate, scale, manage, and monitor applications on any cloud.

To learn more about Stackato 3.0 beta and download the release, go to

Please make sure to download the new client when using the new VMs. You will find the clients available for download from the VM as well.

Make the most of Stackato - check out our sample applications at

Review our updated Stackato documentation at

Changes in this release since Stackato 2.10.6 and client 1.7.2:

==== Stackato 3.0.0 Beta ====

  • [93889] Update core components to Cloud Foundry v2 API
  • [99842] Update AOK replacement of UAA to new CFv2 API compatibility
  • [101162] Update NATS message bus to use gnatsd
  • [97026,98612] Replaced Doozer with Redis
  • [100386,100732] Update Linux kernel to Raring backport
  • [100215] prevent crontab breakage caused by newlines in environment variables
  • [99604] New X-Frame header configuration option for router
  • [96349] Separate user and admin documentation
  • Containerization updates:
    • [100352,101383] Use Docker for containerization
    • [96266] Improve app startup flapping prevention under high-load
    • [99614] New default limit of 50 processes per container. Configurable with kato config under fence max_container_processes
    • [98668] Memory consumption during staging is now limited to 1.5 times the application's allocated memory by default. Configurable with kato config under stager app_memory_multiplier
  • Kato updates:
    • Add kato node retire to gracefully shut down a DEA, moving its application instances on other available nodes first.
      kato admin ... commands removed; use the corresponding stackato admin ... commands or the web console
    • [93195,101079,101195] New kato node upgrade command to support node-level upgrades
    • [98649] kato process stop fence now correctly stops fence process
    • [98390] kato node attach now checks for version compatibility when adding a node to a cluster
    • [99521] --no-stop option removed from kato role remove command.
    • [99745] kato config no longer supports node-specific config; --node option removed.
    • [100861] Extend kato node setup firstuser to require default organization
  • Languages updates:
    • [99429] Add Ruby 2.0 runtime and remove Ruby 1.8.7 (EOL)
    • [99368] Fixed problem building Nokogiri 1.6 gem. Stager now uses using system libraries (NOKOGIRI_USE_SYSTEM_LIBRARIES=true).
    • [94620] ActivePerl 5.14 removed
    • Update to ActivePython and ActivePython
    • [99977] Update PHP to 5.4 for default runtime
    • [99840] Support legacy frameworks with built-in buildpack
  • Logyard updates:
    • [99435] New kato log drain status command for showing drain status
    • [98325] Move drains from doozer to redis
    • [98687] Add "AppGroup" field to app log stream
    • [98836] Add "HumanTime" field to systail log stream
    • [98870] Add app crashes/exits (eg: OOM killer) to cloud events
    • [98686] Add harbor service provision events to cloud events
    • [96827] Cloud Events patterns are now configurable (via kato config)
    • [99534] New read_limit setting for apptail (default 16MB) to cope with extremely large application log files
    • [99571] Application log drain URLs now properly sanitized (v2.10.6 'logdrain-sanitize' patch)
    • [100512] Fix a leak in growing TCP connections causing systail to crash (inotify panic), and logyard drains to malfunction.
    • [100507] New WARNING log message on drain retries
    • [98214] Improve handling of drain state transitions
    • [98998] Compile with Go 1.1
  • Management Console updates:
    • Update look and feel, improve inline loading and responsiveness using websockets
    • [99505] New Activity Stream API and timeline
    • [94745,94274] New disk activity and disk space graphs
    • [98737] New dashboard for router metrics
    • [99452,100047] Updated App Store to use new API and YAML format
  • Services updates:
    • [99874] Core services ported to CFv2 API
    • [97164] Micro cloud starts with Memcached, Redis, PostrgreSQL, RabbitMQ, and MongoDB roles disabled by default (enable via Managment Console).
    • [98930] RabbitMQ updated to 2.8.7
    • [98457] RabbitMQ 3.1.3 available (disabled by default). Enable with kato role add rabbit3
    • [99518] Increased default filesystem service size to 500MB
    • [99444] Make mysql service compatible with Amazon RDS
    • [98902] MongoDB client updated to 2.4.1 in application container

  • stackato client updated to 2.0.2:
    • [96623] Full support for CFv2 API, maintained CFv1 compatibility
    • Updated command set for CFv2 terminology changes
    • [96061] Enforce stricter interpretation of positional options and commands to disambiguate some commands
    • [98509] Support array of applications in manifest.yml
    • [100564] Support user provided service instances
    • [99376] Show status of user drains
    • [100254] Removed host subcommand

    Release notes:

    Enjoy, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback!