Can't access the internet using ActivePerl

Posted by mkriek on 2013-11-01 11:18

Not sure how this makes any sense but I've got a brand new windows 2008 server and I installed (latest community edition) and I go to do some updates but nothing can access the internet with it. PPM can't find anything, CPAN can't find anything, there's no proxy configured or need for there to be any, its a direct connection to the internet. I went ahead and tried to use a proxy, that had no effect and still didn't work.

I also have a windows 2003 server which was using (previous community edition) with the same setup and it worked just fine, so I wanted to confirm if it was something wrong with the 2008 install. I uninstalled on the 2008 server, and even deleted the perl folder, then installed on the machine. Seemingly by magic it works right out of the box, no proxies or anything PPM and CPAN access the internet just fine.

Hoping it must be a bad installer or something, I downloaded the again after removing and did a fresh install once more, again with I had no internet access from PPM or CPAN...

I did this a few times because by now i've got friends that didn't belive it and wanted to see it first hand, but every time was installed PPM and CPAN wouldn't reach the internet, but worked right out of the box with no configuration or issues.

It's not a proxy or connection issue, it's not firewall or antivirus related, UAC is off. I went as far as to test it on a completely different server with the same results, there's nothing at all on the server which could explain this. So what the hey?!? I just wanted to bring this up before considering it as a bug, I read the release notes and didn't see anything about this, surely it's meant to be used with internet access?

ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2014-01-10 13:15

You might not actually be having a failure to connect to the internet.

5.16 has repos that are online, but 5.18 does not, so PPM should fail. See the version index at:

If you're following along with
the CPAN script will also fail, because it tries to download MinGW from PPM, and PPM is not there to provide it.

The delay is due to 5.18, and future releases, switching over to MinGW and MinGW64 as the supported compiler chains. Repos for 5.18 (and upcoming 5.20 releases ) are not expected to be ready until sometime during 2014 Q1.