MacOS Mavericks ActiveState Python inoperable

Posted by hfischer on 2013-10-28 07:12

There seem to be multiple problems with 3.3 and 3.2 ActiveState Pythons on Mavericks.

So far I've found that

1) readline needs some low level patch in end user's computers, which end users of Python application are unlikely to have skill set or desire to do.

2) python GUI features don't draw or refresh correctly, for example pop-up tooltips in tkinter don't draw text at all, tree view open/close clicks only refresh seconds or minutes later, etc. Not sure if this is in Python or the 8.6 separate tcl install.

3) the distribution of py2app no longer builds an app under Mavericks, not sure if that's due to operation inside python or not

It seems that a thorough test cycle of all the features in all the releases of Python, & TCL is needed (some may need 3.3, TCL 8.6, some may need earlier releases).

ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2013-11-01 15:45

have been released with the mavericks patch. Python update is still in RC at source.