Can not installl DBD-OBDBC modul2

Posted by dsayers on 2013-10-23 11:07
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows Server 2003

trying to rebuild the environment on a clean machine. Apparently we have corrupted or mismatching DBD-ODBC.PDD files. Error: no suitable installation target found for package DBD-ODBC. DBI installes ok, dbdb-ORACL also. Just can't that last module installed. Active perl version is Not sure I have correct PPD or Gz files. trying to install off local disk.

ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2013-11-07 13:26

The message indicates that the module file you have is expecting a different version of Perl than you are running. Whichever Perl it is intended for, it's not close enough to 8.5.4 to be compatible.

Strongly recommend a new Perl. That one is almost a decade old.