expect_out contains junk characters like \u0007 which is making tclsh unresponsive

Posted by harsha.thamma on 2013-09-16 21:35
Forums: Expect discussion | OS: Windows 7

I am trying to send commands to a access point using telnet. So I used tcl script as follows:

exp_spwan telnet

exp_send "\r"

So when I was trying to read the expect buffer (say expect_out(buffer)), it is filled with \u0007(bell characters), which is causing my tcl shell and command windows unresponsive.

I am seeing this issue only in Windows 7 (it is working fine with Windows XP)

The problem happens when I turn on expect logging which is very much required for my testing.

I am stuck at this point, so please let me know any solution for this problem.

OS Details:
Windows 7 Professional 32 bit

Tcl version: 8.4.9
Expect version: 5.43