Stackato 2.10.X "kato relocate services" not working properly

Posted by jamesf on 2013-08-12 15:21
OS: All / Any | Product: Stackato | tags: kato relocate services stackato

When I run kato relocate services to relocate my services, I get an error


A bug was found with kato relocate, which can cause problems if you've already deployed services and then attempt to relocate them. As a best practice, you should run "kato relocate services" when initially setting up a cluster, before loading any data into the cluster.

If you have run this command and it has resulted in an error, you may need to correct your filesystem by doing the following:

cd /var/vcap/services/redis
sudo mv {filesystem,harbor,memcached,mongodb,mysql,postgresql,rabbit} ..

For 2.10.6 users, then ensure kato-patch is updated. For 2.10.4 users, apply this patch:

You may then issue your "kato relocate services" command