Projects and Places

By popular demand, a number of Komodo 5 project features have been re-introduced into Komodo 6, such as file and directory references. These static references can be organized in groups to keep things logical and tidy.

The next image shows how projects once again are containers for files and folders (local or remote), and groups (the pink one), which may contain all of the above. The contents of a folder are no longer shown in the Project pane; instead, you can double-click on a folder to show its contents in the Places pane.
Project Pane Image

As well as this, Komodo now has a convenient command to locate the current editor file within the Places UI. You can even have Komodo continously synchronize the Places location with the current editor file as you change between files.


Django Improvements

A number of Django specific improvements were made to Komodo.

  • better syntax highlighting and smarter indentation for templates
  • syntax checking for templates
  • Automatic code completions for Django template tags:
    Django Tag Completions, triggers on "{% ":
  • Automatic code completions for Django template filters:
    Django Filter Completions, triggers on "|":
  • hyperlinks to easily jump to template file locations
  • easier to open files with fast open supporting directory name matching


Debugger Tooltips

During debugging, when hovering over a variable, Komodo IDE will now show an expanded tooltip, which shows the child elements of arrays, objects and hashes.


Fast Open Filtering

The Fast Open dialog will now match your search query to the full path shown in the dialog. This means you can now filter down to:

  • a specific directory location
  • project specific paths
  • files and directories at the current places location



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