Improved Look and Feel

Komodo now provides a more native look and feel across all platforms, with tabs and sidebars being re-designed to be simpler and easier to use.

The user interface changes are more prominent on Mac OS X and Linux systems, with Linux using native OS theming... Yay!

Multiple Window support

Use the "Window->New Window" to open multiple Komodo interfaces. Open different work projects into separate Komodo instances to help compartmentalize your development focus.

Komodo will even restore your multiple instances with the same workspace, including desktop location upon shutting down and restarting Komodo!

Code Formatters (IDE only)

You can use code formatters for quickly reformatting your documents within Komodo. For example, if you have a JSON (JavaScript) file that contains all information on the one line, make it readable by using the built-in JavaScript formatter JS Beautify. You will go from:

to a nicely formatted:

Komodo comes with a number of pre-configured formatters, with the ability to configure additional language formatters through the Komodo preferences system.

SCC Support for Mercurial, Bazaar and Git (IDE only)

Three new Source Code Control (SCC) systems were added to Komodo 5, these were Mercurial, Bazaar and Git, which takes Komodo's supported SCC count to 6 (CVS, Subversion and Perforce were already supported).

Komodo requires these SCC clients to be installed on your machine and you can configure the settings through Komodo's SCC preferences.

SCC Checkout Wizard (IDE only)

Komodo provides a wizard to assist is making a checkout from Source Code Control. Simply choose the SCC type, provide the source and destinations and check it out!

All of the SCC components are support except for Perforce (as Perforce is using a completely different checkout mechanism).

Improved Tabstops

The tab-stop support in Komodo 5 has been greatly improved. Tab-stops can be used within snippets and new file templates in assist in quickly add a piece of templated information.

Tab-stop improvements:

  • they are now visually highlighted
  • you can create linked tab-stops to update repeated instances
  • linked tab-stop instances are updated inline when the main tab-stop is updated
  • you can create nested tab-stops
  • removed the use of specific tab-stop markers (chevrons)

Add-ons Searching and Installation

You can use Komodo's "Tools->Add-ons" menu to bring up the add-ons dialog. You can see a list of recommended add-ons, search for specific add-ons, and install directly from the dialog.

Add-ons are also known as extensions, you can even port existing Firefox extensions to Komodo.

Crash Reporting

Whenever Komodo has a serious problem and is unable to operate correctly (i.e. it crashes), the crash reporter dialog will appear, offering the ability to submit the fault to the Komodo development team.

It is recommended you submit all crash reports, as these crash reports contain crucial information to assist the development team in diagnosing the problem.

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