Sections menulist

The sections menulist is a new item added to the Komodo statusbar. Upon clicking this statusbar element (or using the command - Ctrl-F8) a menulist will appear that outlines the main sections contained in your current Komodo editor file.

You can select an item in the menulist which will proceed to take you to the matching location in your document. When you type additional characters, the list will be filtered down to those items partially matching your input.

The benefits of the sections menulist over the code browser are:

  • Shows only the current file context
  • Shows only the functions and classes (not variables)
  • It provides layout information for non-codeintel languages (C++, Java, )
  • Regex based, so can be easily customized
  • Easy to add support for additional languages

Multi file SCC commit

Komodo now has an updated commit dialog that is used for SCC Commit operations. The dialog will show update-to-date scc status for all files listed in the tree, updating itself asynchronously. The dialog makes it easy to add additional files/directories. The dialog also offers the ability to see the diff from the files you are about to check in.

SCC changelist

Komodo now provides the ability to manage groups of scc files. You can find this new tab in the right-hand pane (next to the Komodo toolbox). This is very useful when working on a specific set of files, create a new changelist and then drag/drop the files you wish to have involved. SCC operations can be performed on these changelist items, which operate on the group of files inside the changelist. Komodo keeps track of the scc files you edit in a default changelist set, which quickly shows you the files your likely interested in.

Unit testing

There have been a number of improvements made to Komodo's integrated Unit Testing components.

Extensibility: Komodo now finds and registers the unit test harnesses dynamically. Additional unit test harnesses are best added through Komodo extensions. See the Komodo addons site for a Python Nose extension which provides two test harnesses, one for the PyUnit library and the other for Python doctest.

UI improvements: Test plans can now be associated either with project preferences, as in version 4.3, or through the individual file preferences. There are no longer any global test plans. The Tools|Test menu is now used to manage file-based test plans. A "[Tools|Test|Move Global Test Plans to Document...]" allows the copying of any existing global test plan created in version 4.3 to migrate to a file-based test.

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