Unit testing integration

Komodo 4.3 offers an interface for unit testing with Perl, PHP, Ruby and Python. This first version supports common uses of Perl's "make test" command, PHPUnit, Ruby Rakefiles, and Python's unittest module.

Unit tests can be defined globally, or within a project. Unit test output is displayed in the Unit Test Results tab in the bottom pane, where errors can be clicked to jump to the relevant file and line number.

Troy and Eric have written up additional details to get you started with unit testing here:

Here is a screenshot of the new Test Results Tab:

Asynchronous SCC command handling

Komodo's SCC commands now work in a asynchronous manner, that is, the SCC commands will run in the background without locking up the Komodo UI. A "throbber" image is used to notify that there is a pending asynchronous operation running in the background. Once the SCC command is completed, an appropriate notification is sent to the UI to handle the results.

Here is a screenshot of the SCC History operation in action:

Find in Project and Replace in Files

The Komodo Find/Replace dialog has been completely redesigned, unifying the old Find/Replace and "Find in Files" dialog, to make it easier to use. As part of this re-write some new features have been added:

  • Find in Project: "Right-click > Find..." on any items in a project to search in them.
  • Replace in Files
  • Multi-line Find and Replace
  • Many fixes for regular expression searches using the '$' anchor.
  • A new Find sub-system that properly handles Unicode-encoded files and skipping binary files.

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