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Tcl Dev Kit 5.4 Known Issues

Known Issues for TDK 5.4.x

- Release Notes information on changes for 5.4.0 will not be available.

- Installation Guide/System Requirements
Windows versions should include 7, 8, 10, 2008, and 2012.
OS X versions should be 10.5 to 10.10

- All versions: Code Profiling
Memory usage is not capped. If the profiler is left running for long periods, the accumulating statistics will eventually exhaust the system memory. Do not run the profiler for extended periods.

- OS X compatibility.

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Looking for 64bit version of tbcload1.7 for Linux

I have been using the tbc compiler with ActiveState TclDevKit 5.4 on a 32 bit system and this has been working well. I can use the loader and it loads the bytecode fine. I am migrating my development to a 64bit system and it will not allow me to use the tbc loader I have been using and gives me the error "wrong ELF class" which usually denotes using 32bit code on 64bit system.

I installed the DevKit for x86_64 however I cannot find a compiled version of the loader. Please advise if this loader is still distributed with the x86_64 version. If so, where is it located.

How do I join Tcl Devkit beta group

Hello folks,

What is the correct procedure to join the TCL DevKit beta program? I have been using tcl since the early 90's and have built some substantive systems with it. I am working on a C++ code generator written in TCL right now and would greatly benefit from the tools available in the DevKit. Also, I did buy Komodo back when I was with the AOL dev group. But, I let my license lapse when I left to go to the Pentagon and no longer needed a high caliber Windows editor.


Arthur Sera

TDK pieces release as Open Source?

Since ActiveState is not longer developing the TDK -- or at least pieces of it (e.g. the compiler), will ActiveState release those pieces it no longer intends to develop to the Open Source community?

If so, when?

ISO: instructions on reassigning a license for TDK

We have a case where a copy of TclDevKit was licensed to a user, but that user has now retired.
What are the steps that we can take to reassign the license to a new developer?

Thank you

TclApp - accelerator and ALT key bindings don't work for a Tcl/Tk 8.4 application

I'm wrapping a GUI application that has control and ALT key bindings for some menu items.

The bindings no longer work in the wrapped application if I use the Tk 8.4 base kit "base-tk-linux-x86_64". If I use the Tk 8.5 base kit "base-tk8.5-thread-linux-x86_84" everything is OK.

For this application I can test with 8.5 but I cannot migrate to a version higher than 8.4 due to other usage constraints.

Is this a known issue, is there a workaround ?

I am using TDK version

Best regards

When will Tclapp be updated to work with Yosemite?

Is there a work-around for this? It seems to me that others must be running up against this...


TCL exec state saving


I need to save the state of a process, i.e. program, data and exec state, I know it is possible, but is it efficient and how do we do it? I think the hardest is the exec state so I would like to focus on that.


Cannot find itcl 4.x in ActiveState teapot ?!? (corrected)


We try switching our application from 8.5.x to
We always build crossplatform using tclapp and the ActiveState repo (Linux -> Win) but we cannot get itcl 4.0 from the activestate teapot ?!?!
Only Itcl 3.4 can be found ...
An installed activetcl contains the itcl 4.0 package in the libs dir ...

Is it just missing ?
Or are we doing something wrong ?

More checking done .......

The itcl 4.0 is missing in the *basekits*, it is no separate package anymore !!!

It is contained only in base-tk-thread-