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ActiveTcl security support


I was wondering for ActiveTCL, could you please explain to me how you support the security on executables? For example, does it provide good support to prevent code from being hacked? Thank you!

malformed byte sequence error with tbc generated from tclpro1.4.1

Malformed byte sequence error is encountered when tbc is sourced.
I have installed tclpro1.4.1 on my windows and converted a tcl file to tbc and copied it to RHEL6 environment and sourced it in that environment and I have encountered malformed byte sequence error.
Can someone please help me here?

TCL is dying

Hello, as I understood Tcl is dying language.
Nobody using it anymore.
There is no more TDK. I have license, I really like it, but no more support.
No more teacup and teapot? Should I learn new programming language?
Its really sad, I really love Tcl and Tk.

problem occur running starpack on Mac when tcl files are compiled

I'm trying to generate a standalone Tcl application using tclapp. The generated runtime works as long as I don't compile the Tcl code.

The error I get when I run the compiled runtime is:

test.tcl: The TclPro ByteCode Loader is not available or does not support the correct version -- dlopen(/var/tmp/tclwNROwK, 6): no suitable image found. Did find:
/var/tmp/tclwNROwK: file too short
while executing
"source $startup"
(file "main.tcl" line 38)

-is redirect

Have received this type of message and causes the creation of an executable to 'abort'.

package 'whatever' -is redirect is not known (Specified, Not recoverable)

Would appreciate an understanding of what this means and how to include the associated code in an executable.

Cant select basekit MacOS TDK5 Licensed

Hi, cant someone explain why I cant select interpreter in TclApp. When I go to /Library/Tcl/basekits I can see them but cant select base-tk8.6-thread-macosx10.5-i386-x86_64? It stays grey?

Problem debugging subprocesses/spawnpoints in TDK

I'm trying to run through the 'Debugging Subprocesses' example that is shipped with TDK and it is not behaving the way that the tutorial explains it should.

Reading compiled applications

Is it possible for a compiled applications (.exe) to read the contents of another compiled exe.
I would like to obfuscate and deploy files to be read by an installed application.
How does one do that.

Infinite Loop when Debugging through Logger library

Tcl 8.6.4
Tcllib 1.17
Windows 10 Pro - 64 bit

I am debugging code that uses the tcl logger library. Pertinent code is as follows:

package require logger

# Global Logger Creation
set log [logger::init global]

# Initialize a log file channel for each severity level.
foreach lvl [logger::levels] {
interp alias {} DispAndLogIt_$lvl {} mccnet::DispAndLogIt $lvl
${log}::logproc $lvl DispAndLogIt_$lvl

proc OnGo {} {
global log
${log}::info "Operator has selected Go button."

TCL Dev Kit Win 10 Permissions

Active State probably should update the installation instructions for the TCL Dev Kit. In Windows it installs by default under C:\TclDevKit, but under Windows 7/8/10 any directory under C: does not inherit modify permissions for the group "Authenticated Users". That means after a default install, none of the tools will be able to modify working directories under an Authenticated User's home directory.

You'll get a message like "Unable to modify working directory. Access denied." the first time you try to create a project.