Support website issues

If you have run into problems or have any suggestions on how this site could be better, please post here.

Unable to download the community edition of ActiveTcl in Belarus

I get redirected to when i try to download the community edition of ActiveTcl.
There on the official(?) site i see that Belarus was excluded from the list of countries restricted from unregulated importing Canadian goods. Please, stop blocking this country from downloading it, as You are not enforced to anymore.

recent posts do not show up

I posted a new comment to my topic on 12-15 and again on 12-17. Neither post shows up when I look at the topic. If the posts were blocked as "abusive", please let me know what I need to do to conform to the forum rules.

Posting new recipes seems to be broken

Posting new recipes to gives a 403 Forbidden, and seems to have done so for about a week. Is this intentional or an accident?

I'm sorry to post this here, but I couldn't work out how else to contact you. The URL for requesting help with the website gives a 404 Not Found, and I didn't think I should email sales.

recent post not in my "view my recent posts" list

I recently (around 6-7) posted to the forum but it doesn't show up in my (cellist) recent posts list. I realize that the forum is moderated and my post may have been rejected.

I also posted to the activeperl listserv and have not received anything from there either.

Can someone tell me the status of these posts?

Recent posts not visible

I recently (yesterday) posted an item to the ActivePerl discussion forum; now I can't find it, and it doesn't appear in my "View my recent posts".
Yesterday, the only place I could see it was in the "Recent posts" part of the forum.

Any ideas?

User email addresses are shown on the website

When you are logged in, you can see the email addresses of people who report bugs.
For instance, on

If you hover on "Description by Balazs Szabo"
you can see his email address.

Not cool!!!
It is way too easy for a spammer to register and harvest addresses.

As a forum user you expect that your email address will not be shown, and that if people can contact you it is by clicking a link that opens a form.

Group search results by forum thread and tag komodo version/force new posts to specify version and other tags

I would like to request that the search groups results so that the same thread is not listed more than once with different entries. This makes it easier, when searching for answers to a problem, to keep track of threads already read.

Can't download Komodo from website [CLOSED]

Since purchasing Komodo 7 last week, I have been unable to download the 7.0.2-70257.msi file from the Activestate website. My support email has received no response.

After clicking the download link, it takes around 20 seconds for any response from the server, and then the download fails, at best after retrieving a few kb of data.

I have no issues at my end with other downloads and there is nothing on our firewall I can see that is causing this problem.

Please can someone check the download server is working ok?


E-mail notifications

Is there any way to find out why my account has never received a single e-mail notification from this forum? I didn't even know such feature existed until I read about in a forum entry.

(I wouldn't be surprised if the problem lies at MTA level.)