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Cannot locate PPD file ...


I've been searching all over for a solution to this, but ended up here as a last resort, having tried everything else, so I hope someone can help. I'm on Win.XP, running Perl 5.8.0.

I'm trying to install Apache::Geo::IP, but keep getting the "...cannot find PPD..." message, per below:

PPM interactive shell (2.1.6) - type 'help' for available commands.
PPM> install Apache::Geo::IP
Install package 'Apache-Geo-IP?' (y/N): y
Installing package 'Apache-Geo-IP'...
Error installing package 'Apache-Geo-IP': Could not locate a PPD file for package Apache-Geo-IP

ppm for Activeperl5.8.8

I have windows32 machine. I have installed Activeperl 5.8.8. When i give "ppm" command on command prompt, it opens a UI for downloading the perl modules. But i am not getting the following modules in the list-
1. XML::XPath
2. Test::More
3. Test::Builder
4. Test::XML::Simple

Do anyone have any solution-


Installing Crypt::SSLeay on 64-bit Vista

I am trying to install Crypt::SSLeay on my Vista 64-bit machine but I am getting errors from ppm. This is what I type and this is what it tells me:

>ppm install http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppms/Crypt-SSLeay.ppd
ppm install failed: The PPD does not provide code to install for this platform

Is there any workaround for installing Crypt::SSLeay on my machine? I am running PPM version 4.01 and Activestate Perl v5.8.8 build 820. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

PPM wont install packages undefined gzopen

I just upgraded to Compress:Zlib 2.004 and now whenever I try to install packages in PPM, I get:

ppm> install 21
Package 21:
Install 'IO-Compress-Zlib' version 2.004 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 105566 bytes.
Error: Undefined subroutine &Compress::Zlib::gzopen called at
C:/Perl/site/lib/IO/Zlib.pm line 440, <$__ANONIO__> line 198.

It looks like my system is effectively broken.

Any clues on how to resolve this? I checked, and Compress::Zlib *is* installed.

No ppm GUI


I have PPM installed and can use the command-line interface, but per the Getting started I can not not just type 'ppm' and get the GUI - I get the command line. What might I be missing?



Help downloading DBD-ODBC

I am having trouble downloading DBD-ODBC to my computer so that I can have perl connect to a local SQL Server database. When searching the web, there are many instruction sets telling me to enter the simple command:

ppm install DBD-ODBC

I go to the \perl\lib directory and execute that command and I get the following error:

C:\Documents and Settings\jvo>cd \perl\lib

C:\Perl\lib>ppm install DBD-ODBC
Downloading ActiveState Package Repository packlist...failed 500 Can't connect t
o ppm4.activestate.com:80 (connect: Unknown error)

PPM downloads package but throws error when installing


I have installed ActivePerl- onto a Windows 2003 server SP1 with Microsoft security base line policies applied. When I try to install the packages through PPM, the following is thrown:

ppm> install date-calc
Install 'Carp-Clan' version 5.8 in ActivePerl
Downloaded 741 bytes.
Couldn't read chunk at offset unknown at D:/Perl/site/lib/PPM/Archive/Tar.pm lin
e 25
Error: Can't call method "is_label" on an undefined value at
D:/Perl/site/lib/Archive/Tar.pm line 282.

how to install DBD:ODBC on Windows XP

I don't do regular development in perl, but I use it a lot for basic file manipulation. That's the easy way to say that my perl skills are weak at best. I'm at a point in an application where I need perl to communicate with an SQL Server database on a Windows XP machine. I have loaded activestate perl on my machine. It does not appear to have DBD:ODBC installed. What are the steps necessary to get DBD:ODBC on my machine so that I can use the perl DBI to talk to a local SQL Server database?

Thanks in advance for any help,

PPM not recognized

After installing ActivePerl-
i install other related software but PPM is not recognized... why?


C:\athena\BUILDS\Q05B\Athena_iridium_r50.bl9\Win32Install>REM commented rows are

C:\athena\BUILDS\Q05B\Athena_iridium_r50.bl9\Win32Install>REM This script assumes perl to be installed in c:\perl

C:\athena\BUILDS\Q05B\Athena_iridium_r50.bl9\Win32Install>set perl_root=c:\Perl

C:\athena\BUILDS\Q05B\Athena_iridium_r50.bl9\Win32Install>set ATHENA_PERL_PPM_SR

ppm install problems...

Hello All,

Here is my problem:

C:\Perl\My_PPM_repository_v5.8.8>ppm install Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-FromDB.ppd
ppm install failed: Can't find any package that provide Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-S
imple for Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-FromDB

C:\Perl\My_PPM_repository_v5.8.8>ppm install Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple.ppd
Unpacking Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple-1.01...done
Generating HTML for Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple-1.01...done
Updating files in site area...done
2 files unchanged

C:\Perl\My_PPM_repository_v5.8.8>ppm install Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-FromDB.ppd