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Can't install DBD-ODBC

I am running Perl on 32-bit Windows 2003 server and when I go into PPM and search for DBD-ODBC the package is found but it can't install. THe error I get is:

DBD-ODBC marked for install
Installing package ...
Downloading DBD-ODBC-1.13 ... not found
Installing package failed

ERROR: 404 Not Found

Does anyone know where I can download DBD-ODBC so I can connect to my databases via perl?

Modules disappearing from PPM

Date::Calc, Carp:Clan, Bit::Vector, Win32::API.

I installed these to a computer at work, less than a week ago. I try try to install these at home yesterday, PPM can't find them now. Well, that is they show up in the search results, when I try to install them, I get a 404 not found error. I was able to install plenty of others. ActivePerl for Windows (x86) on both machines. Whats going on with PPM lately, why are modules disappearing?

Missing perl modules GD Crypt::DES

While I installed GD::Barcode fine, I could not find the main GD to install.
Also, installed Crypt::CBC, but it needs Crypt::DES

I could not find these using ppm-shell.bat "search". Is there another depository I need to add (and if so, how do I add it)?

ppm> repo list
│ id │ pkgs │ name │

No DBD::Oracle module for ActivePerl


I've installed a fresh ActiveState Perl

Now I can't install the module DBD::Oracle via ppm because it isn't available for Perl

Where can I get a module version of DBD::Oracle for Perl


Problems adding Roth repository

I just installed perl 5.10.0 on a W2k3 box. When I try and add the Roth repository, it seems to see all the packages:

Downloading Roth packlist ... redirect
Downloading Roth packlist ... done
Downloading Roth GDBM_File PPD ... done
Downloading Roth Win32-AdminMisc PPD ... done
Downloading Roth Win32-API-Prototype PPD ... done
Downloading Roth Win32-Daemon PPD ... done
Downloading Roth Win32-EventLog-Message PPD ... done
Downloading Roth Win32-Exchange PPD ... done
Downloading Roth Win32-Message PPD ... done
Downloading Roth Win32-ODBCBETA PPD ... done

PPM Can't Remove Area ActivePerl 5.8

I am on OS X 10.4.11 and have ActivePerl 5.8 installed When I bring up the PPM GUI, most everything works EXCEPT. If I get the list of installled modules, I can right click and get the option to remove the module. With one item LWP that option is grayed out. Also, when I look at the PPM - Preferences, I see 3 Areas, I can click on 2 but the third just BEEPS when I try to click on it.

PPM GUI crashing

I just installed ActivePerl and are trying to launch PPM. The GUI fires up and shows up fine. It synchronizes the database and all installed packages are shown. But when I go to do anything, like list all packages, the program crashes and the mac os x box "The application perl quit unexpectedly."

Looking at the report one can send to Apple (the full log is attached):

PID: 7090
Thread: 0
Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0xa07c5000

Does anyone know what is causing this? Is my ActivePerl installation corrupt?

Had to create Tk::XlibVtab unexpectedly at D:/Perl/lib/DynaLoader.pm line 253.


when i was suppose to use TableMatrix i get the error
Had to create Tk::XlibVtab unexpectedly at D:/Perl/lib/DynaLoader.pm line 253. i sent it for expert team but i not got any solution for this, will any one help me to come out of this???

thank you

modules missing from the activestate repository-how to point to other repositories-how to get modules added?

I'm finding a lot of modules in CPAN missing in the ActiveState repository.
How do I find and add other repositories?
or, can you ask ActiveState to add missing modules?

Modules i'm looking for and are missing:
GD/Graph (has this in the FAQ: Where is the ActiveState ppm of GD::Graph?)

Many Thanks,

Perl/Tk on v5.10.0

Having installed ActivePerl version 5.10.0 I notice the Perl/Tk bundle does not appear to be included as it was under 5.8.x. Neither does there appear to be a version of Tk installable via ppm and the standard repository. Where can I obtain the Tk bundle for 5.10.0?