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PAR Packer gives error

When running pp -o example.exe example.pl, I get the following:

Perl lib version (5.24.2) doesn't match executable 'perl.exe' version (5.24.0) at C:/Perl64/lib/Config.pm line 62.

What can I do to get the executable and lib to match? I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling.


Missing Encode::Detect::Detector

After reinstalling Windows and ActiveState Perl 5.24.1, I can't find the module Encode::Detect::Detector in ppm. Without Encode::Detect::Detector, even the module Encode::Detect fails to load, producing the error "Can't load 'C:/Perl64/site/lib/auto/Encode/Detect/Detector/Detector.dll' for module Encode::Detect::Detector: load_file:The specified module could not be found at C:/Perl64/lib/DynaLoader.pm line 194." Is this a bug, or am I the only one having this problem? Thanks.

How to list modules I explicitly installed?

I need to reinstall Windows and Active Perl on a computer. How can I list the modules I installed via ppm so that I can reinstall them afterward? "ppm query *" doesn't do what I want; it lists hundreds of modules that I didn't explicitly install. Thanks.

Can't locate DBD/Sybase.pm

Hi does anyone know how to install the pm for Sybase I am trying to access a DB via perl and I keep getting the error below.

Perl version = "This is perl 5, version 24, subversion 1 (v5.24.1) built for MSWin32-x64-multi-thread"

install_driver(Sybase) failed: Can't locate DBD/Sybase.pm in @INC (you may need to install the DBD::Sybase module) (@INC contains: C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveState Komodo IDE 9\lib\support\dbgp\perllib c:/Perl64/site/lib c:/Perl64/lib .) at (eval 12)[c:/Perl64/lib/DBI.pm:796] line 3.
Perhaps the DBD::Sybase perl module hasn't been fully installed,

DBD::mysql Module Cannot Locate MySQL Socket

I've used ActivePerl's PPM to install the DBD::mysql module. For some reason, when attempting a database connection in my script using localhost (unix socket), the module cannot locate the mysql.sock file. It is looking for it in /tmp/mysql.sock. That does not seem like a logical location. I know where the mysql.sock file is. I even sym-linked the socket file to the /tmp directory. No luck. Interestingly, using the loopback (tcp/ip connection), the module finds the mysql socket with no issues.

Wx is missing in 5.24

Wx (any version) is missing in 5.24 (all platforms). It was available in 5.22 on Windows and seems to build normally with CitrusPerl and StrawberryPerl.

Tk missing in v5.24.1.2402 and v5.22.3.2204

Tk module missing in the following 2 ActivePerl versions: and
Tkx is available, but it would be a huge effort to rewrite the whole script to Tkx.
Hence the Topic.
Please help.

pl2bat on windows x64 is broken


Has already been unwrapped into directory C:\cpanfly-5.20-64\var\tmp\cpan_build\Net-Shadowsocks-0.9.2-v_mLws
Has already been prepared
Running make for L/LZ/LZH/Net-Shadowsocks-
Prepending C:\cpanfly-5.20-64\var\tmp\cpan_build\Digest-MD5-2.55-8ZYeV7/blib/arch C:\cpanfly-5.20-64\var\tmp\cpan_build\Digest-MD5-2.55-8ZYeV7/blib/lib to PERL5LIB for 'make'

pl2bat on windows x64 is broken

Please fix the pl2bat on windows x64 because it causes build fails.

the following is one example:


or you can search for "pl2bat.bat :WinNT was unexpected at this time. dmake: Error code 255" and find out a dozen others.


PPM seems to hang when first synchronizing and takes > 2GB of memory

Just installed latest version of Perl community x64 edition on Windows 7.
The PPM takes forever synchronizing, with no feedback at all. Memory increases constantly, and is now nearing 3GB! with one CPU core at a full 100%. I just killed the process.

Update: in this version PPM works: