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Upgrading from Perl < 5.14 using PPM vs upgrading from Perl >= 5.14 using PPM

The documentation for ActivePerl 5.8 through 5.12 still describes a process that only worked when upgrading from 5.6.x, or and older, to a newer Perl.

The CPAN/PPM module "PPM::Profile" is only compatible with Perls using the old PPM version 3.x. It will not create a usable file from a Perl with PPM version 4.x.

Users upgrading from a 5.8 through 5.12 Perl should use a script instead of the old module. Thanks to user "berniec" for posting an example script in the Installation forum:


PPM crashes after fresh install of Perl 5.16.3

On my Win 7/64-bit system, I did a clean uninstall of AS 5.16.1/64-bit, then a clean install of AS 5.16.3/64-bit.

When I then tried to run PPM, it immediately crashed.

I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled, same crash.

I uninstalled, deleted C:\Perl64 directory and then reinstalled, same crash.

I'm going to try 5.16.2 now. Any other suggestions?


PPM Access for Business Edition ActivePerl versions

There is an FAQ posted under the ActivePerl heading regarding 401 Authorization messages generated by PPM.


pl2bat on windows x64 is broken


Has already been unwrapped into directory C:\cpanfly-5.20-64\var\tmp\cpan_build\Net-Shadowsocks-0.9.2-v_mLws
Has already been prepared
Running make for L/LZ/LZH/Net-Shadowsocks-
Prepending C:\cpanfly-5.20-64\var\tmp\cpan_build\Digest-MD5-2.55-8ZYeV7/blib/arch C:\cpanfly-5.20-64\var\tmp\cpan_build\Digest-MD5-2.55-8ZYeV7/blib/lib to PERL5LIB for 'make'

pl2bat on windows x64 is broken

Please fix the pl2bat on windows x64 because it causes build fails.

the following is one example:


or you can search for "pl2bat.bat :WinNT was unexpected at this time. dmake: Error code 255" and find out a dozen others.


PPM seems to hang when first synchronizing and takes > 2GB of memory

Just installed latest version of Perl community x64 edition on Windows 7.
The PPM takes forever synchronizing, with no feedback at all. Memory increases constantly, and is now nearing 3GB! with one CPU core at a full 100%. I just killed the process.

Update: in this version PPM works:

How to use already compiled dependencies instead of compiling from source ?

I have made some modules on cpan that depend on Gtk2 (or Wx) packages. Compiling these packages from scratch fails most of the time and so the whole build of my modules fails too.

For example

I know that Gtk2 for windows exsist as ppm modules that can be installed without compiling:

ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/Cairo.ppd
ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/Glib.ppd
ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/Pango.pp
ppm install http://www.sisyphusion.tk/ppm/Gtk2.ppd

MSSQL - sqllib.pm &DBlib.pm

I have installed Perl5.24 version in my windows 64 bit machine. My code base is having MSSQL:sqllib module, can someone help me to install or get these library file.


Can't install Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple in ActivePerl- using PPM

Hi, all,

I want to be able to read an Excel spreadsheet with ActivePerl. I tried to install Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple using PPM, and I get the following message:

Updating files in site area ... failed
Installing 32 packages failed

ERROR: File conflict for 'C:/Perl64/html/site/lib/Spreadsheet/Reader/README.html'.
The package Spreadsheet-Reader-ExcelXML has already installed a file that package Spreadsheet-Reader-Format
wants to install.

I also tried installing Spreadsheet-Reader-ExcelXML with the same results. Please advise how I can make this installation.

PPM ERROR ppm install failed: DBD::SQLite::db selectrow_array failed:

I just installed ActivePerl- on Windows 7 as administrator.
Hidden files are enabled for viewing.

I need MIME-Lite and am trying to install the module using PPM.

Command 'ppm install MIME-Lite' reports error as follows:

C:\Perl64>ppm install MIME-Lite
Downloading ActiveState Package Repository dbimage...done
ppm install failed: DBD::SQLite::db selectrow_array failed: file is encrypted or
is not a database