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Upgrading from Perl < 5.14 using PPM vs upgrading from Perl >= 5.14 using PPM

The documentation for ActivePerl 5.8 through 5.12 still describes a process that only worked when upgrading from 5.6.x, or and older, to a newer Perl.

The CPAN/PPM module "PPM::Profile" is only compatible with Perls using the old PPM version 3.x. It will not create a usable file from a Perl with PPM version 4.x.

Users upgrading from a 5.8 through 5.12 Perl should use a script instead of the old module. Thanks to user "berniec" for posting an example script in the Installation forum:


PPM crashes after fresh install of Perl 5.16.3

On my Win 7/64-bit system, I did a clean uninstall of AS 5.16.1/64-bit, then a clean install of AS 5.16.3/64-bit.

When I then tried to run PPM, it immediately crashed.

I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled, same crash.

I uninstalled, deleted C:\Perl64 directory and then reinstalled, same crash.

I'm going to try 5.16.2 now. Any other suggestions?


PPM Access for Business Edition ActivePerl versions

There is an FAQ posted under the ActivePerl heading regarding 401 Authorization messages generated by PPM.


No DBD::MySQL for Perl 5.26 64bit

Recent installation of Perl 5.26 on Windows 10 x64
Upgraded from Perl 5.24 where access to MySQL data is critical but alas the DBD::MySQL PPM module is not available so I have to uninstall and reinstall 5.24 to maintain compatibility.
Anyone know if we will get this module any time soon?

PPM packages for v5.26 64bit?

http://ppm4.activestate.com/MSWin32-x86-64int/5.26/2600/ is empty, hence, the PPM of ActivePerl v5.26 cannot download packages. When will the packages available?

Or is there another repository for v5.26?

Thank you,

PPM installation does not initiate for String-CRC32 package


perl version 5.8.3

I set the http proxy from command line,

set http_proxy=http://UserName:Pwd@

and then trying to install String-CRC32 using,

ppm install String-CRC32

it gives below error,

C:\WINDOWS\system32>ppm install String-CRC32
Error: No valid repositories:
Error: 404 Not Found
Error: 404 Not Found

Can I get some help with it or a perl script for CRC32 calculation!!


ppm update error


I can't update any repository on my laptop (see attachment)!!! Can you help me?

I have installed ActivePerl 5.22, 5.24 and 5.26 like this bin-path:

C:\Program Files\ActiveState\ActivePerl\5.22\..
C:\Program Files\ActiveState\ActivePerl\5.24\..
C:\Program Files\ActiveState\ActivePerl\5.26\..

PAR Packer gives error

When running pp -o example.exe example.pl, I get the following:

Perl lib version (5.24.2) doesn't match executable 'perl.exe' version (5.24.0) at C:/Perl64/lib/Config.pm line 62.

What can I do to get the executable and lib to match? I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling.


Missing Encode::Detect::Detector

After reinstalling Windows and ActiveState Perl 5.24.1, I can't find the module Encode::Detect::Detector in ppm. Without Encode::Detect::Detector, even the module Encode::Detect fails to load, producing the error "Can't load 'C:/Perl64/site/lib/auto/Encode/Detect/Detector/Detector.dll' for module Encode::Detect::Detector: load_file:The specified module could not be found at C:/Perl64/lib/DynaLoader.pm line 194." Is this a bug, or am I the only one having this problem? Thanks.

How to list modules I explicitly installed?

I need to reinstall Windows and Active Perl on a computer. How can I list the modules I installed via ppm so that I can reinstall them afterward? "ppm query *" doesn't do what I want; it lists hundreds of modules that I didn't explicitly install. Thanks.