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Alert for Windows Users

QA has noticed that every Windows system with .NET add-ons installed is now getting mandatory updates to .NET 4, which is incompatible with the Perl Dev Kit.

Because of this, NO VERSIONS of the Perl Dev Kit are fully compatible with any installation of Windows that is fully patched to date.

Thinking about an upgrade?

Development on the Perl Dev Kit ended with the 9.5.1 release in 2016, and versions of ActivePerl released after that date are not compatible. Before you upgrade ActivePerl to an incompatible version from which you might not be able to return, please see this FAQ on which ActivePerl releases are compatible with the final release of PDK.


libperl.so missing or wrong version found on Linux

Have a development CentOS box that I've created a binary to run on another Linux box that did not have perl. All worked well up until recently. The runtime box was recently updated. It now has Perl 5.8.8 (non-activestae build) and some other pkg updates... but it is still basically the same OS (32bit CentOS 2.6.18).

Now when the binary is executed it reports libperl.so found at /usr/lib/perl5/... not an ActiveState binary. Which is true.... but what is this an issue now?

the /tmp gets the pdk-xxxx/ dir with the libperl.so from the binary but never seems to be referenced.

Having a Problem? Check here first

Frequently encountered problems may have an FAQ available.


Creating many perlapp executables but distribute only one copy of perl

I am currently distributing an application with many perlapp freestanding executables. I'd like to distribute only one copy of the perl distribution in my application and have each executable reference the one perl runtime that I'll distribute.

To do that I'm pretty sure I have to use the --dependent perlapp command line option but I don't see any documentation for what I need to distribute in addition to what I am currently distributing. I have some questions.


PDK 9.5 PerlApp Cannot browse to set new location for the perl executable

OS X 10.13.1

Just upgraded to PDK 9.5 and to ActiveStatePerl 5.24.3. In the PerlApp GUI the location shown in the Perl field is that for the earlier version of ActiveStatePerl, v5.16.

When I browse to the usr/local/ActivePerl-5.24/bin directory all of the files are greyed out ad I cannot select the perl file - or any other file for that matter.

PerlApp is still set to access ActivePerl-5.16, and if I change the name of the directory from ActivePerl-5.16 to **ActivePerl-5.16 then PerlApp will not open at all.

PDK 9.5

We are using PDK 9.3 for our product.
Just noticed the post of https://community.activestate.com/faq/finalversionpairingsPDK

I am just wondering if PDK 9.5 is available for us.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Where is location to download previous PDK like 9.2.1 version

I only can download latest version 9.5 from my account but I need 9.2.1 version. I am paid customer and need previous version for our development.


perlapp exit code

we are watching exit code 5 from time to time when we create an exe file from a perl script.
The problem is not reproducible, but when it happens the next call with the same parameters will exit with exit code 5 too. When I start perlapp in a new cmd window for the same script with the same partameters it will work.
Is there a list available with meaning of different exit codes, especially exit code 5?

PDK 9.5.1 Support for Windows 10 Enterprise.

I have a valid license for the Perl Development Kit 9.5.1. I'm trying to use it on Windows 10 Enterprise and I get this message when trying to build an x86-32 executable. When will there be support for this platform?

C:\Users\thloeber>perlapp --norunlib --target windows-x86-32 --exe i386WinColInstall.exe i386WinColInstall.pl
No ActivePerl 5.22 builds found for windows-x86-32/2204, please contact