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How to Uninstall on Mac OS X Lion

I installed the latest version on my Mac running Lion. I'm just in the process of switching to the Mac platform and I can't seem to find the way to uninstall Active Python. Can anyone provide any insight. I haven't been able to find any references by searching. Thanks in advance.

Bogus embedded manifest in pywintypes26.dll (and also pywintypes27.dll)

pywintypes26.dll contains a bogus embedded manifest:

The dependency part being empty.

Starting ActivePython on Ubuntu 11.04 with existing Python install

I've installed ActivePython Community edition on a fresh Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop client (with existing Python 2.71). No problems with the installation itself. Also, added default ActivePython path to $PATH.

At terminal, Python command starts the pre-existing Python 2.7.1 interpreter. How do I call up ActivePython instead?


ActivePython 2.7 terminates abnormally when running scripts

I've been using ActivePython 2.7 under Windows XP SP3 for a little while and the prewritten scripts worked fine. Now I'm experiencing PythonW.exe terminating abnormally when running a script. Occassionally I can get a script to complete after repairing the ActivePython 2.7 installation and running a windows registry cleaner, but then after running the script once the problem returns with subsequent executions of the script. I've tried several different scripts and they all yield the same outcome.

install activepython or python on windows 7 64 bit

I have windows 7 64 bit and wish to install python or activepython or python 2.6.6amd64.msi. Could you please provide advise on which one I should install and as well provide step by step process on how to install python on Windows 7 64 bit. Thanks

ActiveState Python behaves different with/without explicit python.exe in front of .py file (Check the attached image)


I get different result while running the .py directly in the command shell then prefix it with the explicit python command. The ActiveState Python has been un-installed and re-installed multiple times and computer has also been restarted several times, but sitll not solving the problem. Last time when it was good was before I installed IronPython and CPython3.2 which were later all uninstalled. So, what could be the cause of the problem (snapshot attached in the file)?


pypm doesn't work at all with new Community 2.7.1 installation

I just tried to install ActivePython on Vista Ultimate(64bit) using the 32 bit .msi file. All seems to work fine and when I choose the option from the Windows menu - up comes the PyPM commmand dialogue box. However all I see is: "'pypm' is not recognised as an internal or external command ...." etc. I have searched for pypm.* with the intention of placing it on the Path - but it is not anywhere I can find. When I start Idle - that is OK too and my scripts work. The reason for trying out ActiveState is because of the easy installation of MySQL library and so I need pypm to work.

FIXED : How to uninstall with missing or corupt msi


I want to uninstall Active Python and upgrade. Certain things are not working and it's probably time to upgrade anyway. When I try to uninstall it says "missing msi".

Before I delete all the folders and clean the registry out is there something I can try to have a normal or more graceful uninstall?


Lee G.

NOTE: I was able to find an old copy of: activePython- and put it in the right place for the installer and it seems like it worked. So please disregard - I think it's fixed.

python editor

I downloaded python 2.7, but isnt there supposed to be an editor included?
i cant find it.

need help: IDLE GUI is not opening

I am new to python and really want to learn it. I have installed and uninstalled python like 20 ties but the IDLE is not working. whenever i click on it from the start menu-->programes-->Active State Active Python 2.7--> IDLE GUI, nothing seems to happen.

Please help.