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Install other Packages


I install ActivePython but now i want to install others packages which are not include in active python (like mechanize for exemple). I install them by typing sudo apt-get install python-mechanize in my terminal but when i open python so it's active python now, i can't import them. My question is : how to import the installed packages which are not in active python ?



ActivePython in ALM VAPI-XP Script

Je souhaite exécuter du un script Python depuis HP ALM, de la même manière que je peux exécuter du code VBS. J'ai installé ActivePython sur mon poste local, et pourtant mon script ne s'exécute pas. Le code du script se résume à un 'print("test")'. Comment faire pour exécuter le script python depuis ALM?
Merci =)

I would like to run Python in ALM. I installed ActivePython on my local computer but the script does'nt run. The script is 'print("test")'. How can I run the python script from ALM???
Thank you =)

New Recipe Posts

I have some recipes in Python I think would be valuable to this community but the recipe post feature appears to be turned off. Is there a way I can post my recipes?

Viewing numpy variables in python3/Komodo11

I recently ported my code to Python3 and upgraded to Komodo11. One of these things had a big impact on the way that numpy variables are displayed. For example, any ndarray type now shows a whole bunch of extra information in addition to the data I specifically assigned to the variable. When the variable is expanded I see 'T', 'base', 'ctypes', etc., etc., and many of these appear to be recursive, repeatedly expanding to the same thing. ...and this has nothing to do with displaying hidden variables.

Install Python 3 as WSH engine

I would like to install ActivePython as Windows Scripting Host engine (to use in classic ASP).

I've found instructions on how to do that for Python 2 at, but I don't know how to apply them for Python 3.

I tried to run ca_pywin32reg.pyw, but it fails with syntax errors.

How do I install Python as a WSH engine?

print a persian file by thermal printer and python-escpos mnodule

hello friends...
i want to print a persian file by thermal printer..
i can print an english file esily..but i face the proble while printing persian text..
i think i don't do some principles...i have studied about unicode encodeand decode in python..but it seems it isn't enough
please guide me

in the first code, i used the different codepages, but my output from the printer is just question mark ""?"" instead of the persian words

in the second code
the printer prints the obscure letters...
i tried the different codepages..but it wasn't usefull

#!/usr/bin/env python

Python redis returns consequences with appended textual content to result

I just commenced to apply redis with python, from command line and in jupyter notebooks and i am getting appended text to each locations. code is as follows:

import redis
r = redis.StrictRedis(host='', port=yyyy, db=0, password='$$$$$$$')

r.hmset('hmfoo', { 'name': 'myname', 'username': 'myusername'})

r.hget('hmfoo', 'name')
b'myname' <----- why is the 'b' appended here??

it really works as you assume with the proper values stored in redis and the whole thing, simply now not positive why the b is displaying on the start of the text?

Need Help Please

Need help completing my Python project. So far I need to convert an ISBN-10 to a ISBN-13 and also to convert an ISBN-13 to a ISBN-10. Also reading ISBNs from a file and storing correct results in a file. It's due tonight by 11:55pm. Major grade and would greatly appreciate. Here is what I have so far

Problems installing IMSL Library for PyNL

I have windows 7
All PyNL prerequisites are installed and working properly (I have Python 2.7.11, pip version 9.0.1, NumPy 1.11.3, SciPy 0.18.1)
I Downloaded the installation file to a temporary folder
When I Open a command prompt and enter:

pip install
I get the following :

"Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement downloaded
No matching distribution found for downloaded"

When I Open a command prompt and enter:

pip install imsl-1.0_eval-cp27-none-win_amd64.whl

I get the following :

How do I get bsddb on windows/python3.5?

The ActivePython 3.5 User Guide states: "ActivePython includes the Python core and the many core extensions: zlib and bzip2 for data compression, the Berkeley DB (bsddb) and SQLite (sqlite3) database libraries." I have been looking for information on how to use it. Please point to any doc that can help.