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Incompatible version trying to install 5.16.2 over 5.16.1?

I am trying to upgrade an ActivePerl installation and I keep getting the error message

"The selected directory contains an incompatible version of ActivePerl. Please choose a different installation location!"

I find this difficult to believe because I am trying to install 5.16.2 Build 1602 over 5.16.1. Build 1601 ... seriously, one minor revision cannot be upgraded?

I tried turning on verbose msi logging by invoking the install thusly:

msiexec /i ActivePerl- /l*v ActivePerlInstallLog.txt

Installation Prob: Missing Files? False Directories?

Hey everyone, ill try to keep things simple.
Im running on Ubuntu Linux x64 (i think, but it doesnt matter because i tires 64 and the x86)

I download ActivePerl, extract it to desktop with winrar, then i open my terminal, go to directory and type:
just like the READ-ME says.
When i do this i get this message:


In case the image doesnt go through, i pretty much get spammed with:
- file 'perl/lib/Pod/(somefilename)' missing

No Output When Running Perl Scripts

I have used Active State Perl for a few years on other machines (XP, Vista), but am unable to get Perl to install correctly on my new Windows 7 64 bit machine. When I run a Perl script that outputs to the screen, I see no output. The output screen is blank (no errors appear).

Embarrassingly even a simple "Hello" program won't run.

I'd appreciate any help.


Unable to run perl on windows 7 64-bit machine (DBD::Oracle error)


I tried to run a perl program on windows 7 64-bit machine which is compiled and generated with PDK 8.2.1 32-bit build. It is throwing error as below

"install_driver(Oracle) failed: Can't load 'C:/Perl/lib/auto/DBD/Oracle/Oracle.dl
l' for module DBD::Oracle: load_file:%1 is not a valid Win32 application at C:/P
erl/lib/ line 201.
at (eval 6) line 3
Compilation failed in require at (eval 6) line 3.
Perhaps a required shared library or dll isn't installed where expected
at twconnectsql.perl line 2229"

Missing documentation


I have installed Activeperl 5.16.1 on two PCs. Both run Windows 7 but one is 32bit and the other 64bit. I have installed the correct version of Activeperl on each.

However, the 64bit version is mission a lot of documentation, including the core documentation. The 32bit version seems fine.

This is a nuisence, as I do not always have an internet connection.

Make work around is to copy the 32bit documentation, but it would be nice if the install provided all the documentation.


Installing ActivePerl v5.1x x64 bit on Windows Vista x64 and Issue

When I try to install ActivePerl (v5.14 or 5.16) x64-bit using the msi installer
on a Windows Vista x64 I have the following problem:

Perl complains that cannot find the file in the lib directory.
Indeed this configuration file is not created. However the still is created. I am not so expert to create myself.

Could somebody please tell how to resolve this issue?


PPM and PerlCritic GUIs crash after upgrading to ActivePerl-5.16 on Mac OS X 10.8.1

Command line works fine for both. ActivePerl-5.14 worked fine. Re-installed lastest ActiveTCL

Perl Critic fails as follows (PPM crash output will follow below):

Process: perl-dynamic [2981]
Path: /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.16/bin/
Identifier: com.activestate.perlcritic
Version: 10.00 (10.00)
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [490]
User ID: 501

Date/Time: 2012-09-12 15:12:39.605 -0400
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.8.1 (12B19)
Report Version: 10

is community edition free?

I need Perl to connect to Oracle & extract data in text format.
Would appreciate if you can let me know whether the Perl Community Edition will help. Got to know this is a free version and won't need a liscense. Is that true /

Raj Nair

HTML Users Guide not updated with PPM modules, and missing sections

I recently added a new package with PPM, and was looking for the documention. New packages downloaded with the PPM should show up in the ActiveState User Guide, on the left pane contents, but there just seems to be a lot missing, including the new package (Hash::Case). I have only 6 of the 300 packages installed, nothing under Core, 1 pragma, 2 programs.
Can I fix this and get the documentation to the installed packages and core?

As a workaround, can I find the HTML PPM said it was generating somewhere? I've looked at C:/Perl/lib/site but it's not there with the pm.

PerlScript support for Windows Server 2008 64 bit servers


I'd like to use PerlScript scripts with Solarwinds to leverage Perl to create clever application monitors that report their findings to Solarwinds Server and Application Monitor. Solarwinds will only run Perl via Windows Script Host, so I have to use PerlScript.