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Install Error Message / Linux

os / debian - mint - mate,

very interesting error message;

I put into the terminal;

localhost gary # /home/gary/Downloads/ActivePerl-

(perl install error,)

env: perl/bin/perl: No such file or directory

Reinstalling 5.16/64-bit

I am among the folks who have seriously broken/missing documentation. My *perl* [and all the packages I've used so far, which isn't all that many of 'em] runs perfectly. But the documentation is decimated [as with everyone else, even the core-components section is missing]. The only "solution" I've seen is a vague-feeling comment that something must have gone wrong with the installation [even though *some* docs are installed, and the actual program is installed], and the fix is to reinstall. such is life...

backticks and system() no longer work

I'm using perl v5.12.4 on a Win7 system

Backticks have stopped working. EG:

$cmd=`dir`; now returns a null string.

$cmd=`file.htm`; used to start the default browser on the named file. It no longer does anything.

System("dir"); similarly no longer works.

The commands work fine if entered on the command line or a batch file without perl.

Can anyone suggest a possible reason for this?

Is there some particular file responsible for handling backticks and system() which I might try to replace?

Is it possible to have unattended install?

I am installing ActivePerl as part of software build on Amazon AWS. Is there a "response file" (yes, I agree with license terms, this is the installation directory, etc) that I could use to avoid manual installation?

Win7 won't pass command line arguments to @ARGV

I installed AS perl on my new Win7 machine, but it won't pass command line arguments to @ARGV.

I suspect it's a registry problem in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, but my changes haven't fixed it.

Does anyone know the line to change, and what to put there?

No portable version available?

I would like to use ActivePerl occasionally from USB Stick but don't want to install it permanently on a computer.

Is there no "portable" version available for download?


sh fails

when i tried to install activeperl on my Debian 7 box I received the following error: "perl/bin/perl: 1: perl/bin/perl: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string"

Please advise how to fix.

Installing ActivePerl (64) under "Program Files" disallows updation

I installed ActivePerl under "C:\Program Files\" and when I run PPM it just doesn't update the repository, says there's a permission problem?

I installed it as the System user and have done everything to give Perl64 under "Program Files" read+write permissions, no use.

On the other hand, installing Perl64 directly under "C:\" doesn't have any of the above mentioned problems, just that it's better to maintain a proper hierarchy, hence installation under "C:\Program Files\".

Can someone help?