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Bad CPU type in executable

Beginner question on running ActivePerl on a PowerMac G5.

I downloaded ActivePerl 5.14.2 and installed it on my OS X 10.5.8 PowerPC mac.

I wanted to ask why I get the error: Bad CPU type in executable

When I type: usr/local/Activeperl-5.14/bin/perl: Bad CPU type in executable


old window downloados

Where can I download active perl 5.14.1 or older?

error with perl512.dll when using perl 5.14

I originally had 5.12 installed, and upgraded to 5.14. I removed 5.12, but when I run perl after installing 5.14, I get an error that states perl512.dll is missing, then the script runs anyways (perl514.dll exists).

The installer does not do much to clean up after itself, so I am wondering what relic is being left behind that would cause me to get errors about 5.12 when 5.14 is installed?

ActivePerl Community License unclarity

I'm a bit unclear about some clauses in the ActivePerl Community License Agreement.

The questions revolve about the scope of "outside use". The license reads:

4. Restrictions.

   1. a. Except as expressly provided herein You may not: (i) permit others outside Your organization to use the Software;

Help Find Access to ActiveState Perl 32-bit

My PC is an XP (32-bit). Need to find a version of ActiveState Perl for my PC.

perl510.dll not found

I recently installed ActivePerl 5.14.2 Build 1402 (after uninstalling ActivePerl 5.12) on my Windows XP computer. When I try to use the DateTime module, I get a pop-up window message that perl510.dll is not found. The exact wording of this message is:

"This application has failed to start because perl510.dll was not found. Re-installing this application may fix this problem"

Is anybody else having a similar problem? Any idea how to fix this? Do I need to re-install everything as the message suggests?

Deploying ActivePerl via Group Policy in a Active Directory Network

I am looking to use PerlScript as a WSH engine in an active directory network that I am responsible for, but am running into some problems deploying the MSI to other computers in the network using group policy. I was wondering how other folk are using ActivePerl as a WSH engine on their networks and if there are any tricks to get this working in a large network.

ActivePerl on MAC OS 10.7

I recently downloaded and installed activeperl on my mac because I failed to install required module into native perl distribution (there is no make utility). But now I cannot realize how to make Activeperl to run as default perl.

which perl always returns /usr/bin/perl though I added /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.12/bin to /private/etc/paths file
and when I run a perl script it reports that modules (for example Text::CSV_XS) not found

Any help is highly appreciated

Redistribute perl58.dll


I'm a freelance developer from Spain (sorry for my bad english ;)

I'm developing a software for a client, based on a personal C++ application I developed some time ago. This soft uses the perl58.dll from ActivePerl 5.8.9 Build 829. This is the only element from the ActivePerl software that I use.

Anybody could tell me what kind of license I need to redistribute the perl58.dll with my soft?

Thank you very, very much!


Checksums for downloads

Hello all

Does anyone know the URL where I can match checksums (MD5/SHA2..etc) for files that are downloadable from