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ppm is read-only on windows 2016

I have just installed activeperl on windows 2016 servers.
Whatever the installation directory, ppm is read only. "Remove package" is greyed-out and "install package" is not present.
I got the same issue for 32-bit and 64-bits versions, activeperl 5.24 and 5.26.
Any idea what's wrong ?

5.24.3 Build 2404 installer stalls at end

I can't get the current build to complete installation on WS 2012 R2. It seems to stall at the very end with 'Status: Extracting files from archive.' I've given it 15 or 20 minutes to complete from this point with no success.

First time it just hung and cancelling had no effect. I had to kill the process.

Second try it stalled and I was able to cancel. It rolled back successfully.

Third try, same result.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

ActivePerl Community Edition - License - Query


If we need to install ActivePerl on Windows 10 to run a Perl script to parse the data and export it to a CSV file (The data is obtained from another tool NMAP and is related to the production servers; the perl script is NOT run on the servers), can we use community edition or does it require business edition?


Installing ActivePerl for OSX

Hi there,

I have installed the ActivePerl v5.24 on my OSX 10.13.3 High sierra.

Also added to .batch_profile in my home directory:

export PATH

When I do command: perl --version -> I get v5.18.2 that I think is Macs build in perl.

When I do command: ppm --version -> I get "-bash: ppm: command not found"

Am I missing some vital information how to get this to work ?
Would love to get some assistance on the this case.


How to extract or install headless?

The documentation mentions a zip bundle that can be used by non-Adminstrators for
installation on Windows. I could not find such a zip bundle.

Furthermore I fail to install or extract ActivePerl headless. According to the documentation
there should be options /extract:Folder and /exenoui. But /exenoui does not hide the progress
bar for me! And /extract:Folder does not extract to "Folder" but to a cryptic named
directory "BDFHFH"!

Can you please help?

Getting Cancel installation dialog box prompt.

While installing latest version, after choose setup options step getting cancel installation prompt dialog box.
Please help me to troubleshoot installation.

Problems installation ActivePerl

When I execute installation file (ActivePerl- after copy files I can see this message (on picture).

The destination folder (C:\Perl64\) is empty.

What is this? Where problems?

Installation process Active Perl 5.22, 5.26 is not succesfull too.

Please, help me.

Windows 10 fall creators update breaks perl for the SYSTEM user

Installing the "Fall Creators Update" on Windows 10 breaks perl for the NT Authority\SYSTEM user. Upgrading from ActivePerl-5.24.1 to ActivePerl-5.24.2 made perl work again for the SYSTEM user. Perl was still working for a regular user even after the "Fall Creators Update". A batch file launched periodically from a windows service running as NT Authority\SYSTEM contains a line that didn't run anymore after the "Fall Creators Update".

What would be a quicker/smarter way to fix perl for the SYSTEM user rather than running an ActivePerl installer?

Is GLIBC_2.14 a minimum requirement? - Would GLIBC_2.17 be supported then?

I am having a similar issue to nissam in post 12912 where they are having difficulty installing ActivePerl due to the requirement for GLIBC_2.14.

We are only able to install either GLIBC_2.12 or GLIBC_2.17 (available in the next RH release).

Would ActivePerl 5.2x support this GLIBC_2.17 (i.e. a minimum requirement for GLIBC_2.14 or is GLIBC_2.14 a specific requirement)?

We won't be moving to Ubuntu or other distros as suggested in the previous staff post.


Windows Server 2016 Support

Windows Server 2016's support information is not listed, but do you have any plan to support it?