Wrapping package tls1.5.1

Posted by skycam37 on 2009-11-25 13:08
Forums: TDK support | OS: Windows XP Pro

I'm trying to wrap an executable under WinXP, using TclDevKit 5.1. It turns out that the package supplied by ActiveTcl 8.4 doesn't have a .tap file, so I used the TDK Package Editor to make one. That seems to have worked OK.

Having done that, TclApp claims to have constructed the .exe file OK. But when I run the .exe, I get an error saying that it can't load ./tls151.dll because it "Couldn't load library C:\Docs+settings\User\Temp\TCL1C.tmp," or something similar.

The file tls151.dll is definitely in the folder tls151, and the .tap file seems to reference it correctly.

So what's going on here? Why is the .exe file reaching out to this obscure location? The same sort of problem happens with TDK 3.2.

Can anybody help with this? Thanks!

jeremy_c | Thu, 2009-11-26 05:24

I had the same problem with pgtcl. It turns out that it depended on an outside DLL. Download dependencywalker and open tls151.dll and see what type of dependencies it has.



ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2009-11-26 10:03

ActiveTcl contains TLS 1.6, whose pkgIndex.tcl and tls.tcl were modified to copy the dependent dlls (openssl's libeay32 and ssleay32) to the native filesystem for access by the tls.dll, should they find themselves in a wrapped environment.

You still have to generate a .tap file for that.

skycam37 | Sat, 2009-11-28 10:43

Thank you both for the quick replies! I used tls 1.6 for the wrap, and this worked, in the sense that running the resulting .exe file didn't generate any error messages.

But a new problem has come up: When I try to send an email using the program, I get an error "550 ... Relay access denied." This is a return from the command smtp::sendmessage. The annoying thing about this is that the unwrapped tcl file sends emails just fine, using tclsh.

So again I have the situation where a wrapped program doesn't work but the unwrapped tcl/tk file *does* work. The docs with TclDevKit aren't helpful, as far as I can tell.

Any ideas about this?

Cheers, -- John Cocke(skycam37)

vpetrovic | Thu, 2016-03-03 14:11

Hey skycam37,

I realize it's been 6 years since this post has been active, but I need to ask if you ever found a solution for your problem? I'm having the same issue where my application can't send out SMTP emails when wrapped with TCLApp, but can before wrapping. In fact, my application can send emails even when wrapped with FreeWrap - which makes me believe TCLApp is the source of the problem.

I have an open StackOverflow question here that's been barren for 10 months...

Let me know if you found any solutions or work-arounds!

Edit added by Administrator: This was solved (and noted in the StackOverflow thread) by adding SASL, sha1, and some additional libraries to the wrapped file.