Why I can't change PPM preference area from "site" to "perl"?

Posted by will on 2008-09-15 12:48
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows XP Pro

I intalled ActivePerl 5.10. When I opened Perl Package Manager and was trying to change PPM preference / intall area from "site" to "perl", I failed because it is read only and defaults to "site - c:\perl\site\lib". How can I change it to "perl-C:\Perl\lib"?

Since I am using eclipse/E.P.I.C to edit and debug Perl, it seems eclipse only looks up modules in c:\perl\lib folder other than c:\perl\site. Eclipse can't see the new modules I installed in c:\perl\site folder, so I have to change the above preference. But how?

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ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2008-09-17 15:47

If there is not a newer vesion of Eclipse available or a way to load in additional directories using environment variables, you should file a bug with Eclipse instead. They may have one on file, since the site\lib model is part of Perl5 and is very central to ObjectOriented Perl.

PPM is set up to install custom extensions into the Perl\site\lib area. Modules that ship with Perl are stored in the Perl\lib area. This is very deliberate.
-It allows you to upgrade an extension without overwriting the shipped version. Reverting to the shipped version is as simple as uninstalling the downloaded version.
-@INC is set up to give priority to extensions in Perl\site\lib. Installing newer extensions into \Perl\lib would mean the newer versions are not used.
-Perl\site\lib will be writable. Perl\lib should not be.
-Manually forcing modules into Perl\lib is very likely to break cross-dependencies.