Uninstalling ActivePython without the original .msi

Posted by pd on 2008-11-21 00:48

I wanted to upgrade to ActivePython 2.6, and in order to do a clean install I wanted to remove the previous ActivePython installation first. But when I tried to do so using Control Panel->Add/Remove programs or Start menu shortcut, the uninstaller could not proceed, because it was looking for the ActivePython- that was deleted long ago. I solved the problem by redownloading it from the archives on the ActiveState site (thanks for making them available btw :-) ), but it would be more convenient to be able to uninstall the application without having to keep the whole original installer.

On a somewhat related question, since the installer of ActivePython 2.6 is 31MB (v2.5 were "only" 22MB), could you consider making available incremental updates, as it is already the case for Komodo?

Thank you for all your work on the ActivePython and Komodo,