UltraNoob "ppm install Tk-804.028.ppmx" failed: can't call method "get_files"...

Posted by ramasan on 2010-04-17 20:39
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Disclaimer: I am (definitely) not a programmer.

Following a Snort install guide for Windows 7 (on 64bit)

perl -v gives:
v5.10.1 for MSwin32-x64-multi...

i had to twiddle my path variables and added
c:\perl64\bin and c:\perl64\site\bin

when i run "ppm" alone from an administrator cmd, it pulls up a gui window and seems to connect and download/update ok.

however, when i try to run a specific command to install a particular file, i get the following:

>ppm install Tk-804.028.ppmx
ppm install failed: Can't call method "get_files" on an undefined value

any ideas?

troyt | Mon, 2010-04-19 13:27

The Snort install guide is more complex than it needs to be. You should be able to install the Tk module with just this command:

ppm install Tk

ppm will fetch the module from the ActiveState PPM repository and install it. No need to download the package manually.

ramasan | Mon, 2010-04-19 14:23

thanks for that pointer. i realized i was being particularly boneheaded while thinking i was quite smart. i downloaded the zip vs msi and ran the install.bat. i think the install didnt quite go perfectly but forgot/ignored the error.

after realizing that missing path variables were possibly not my only problem, i discovered the msi version, reinstalled over the top, and voila.