Trying to upgrade packages.

Posted by bluezone on 2010-06-09 07:25
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows Server 2003

Everytime I've tried upgrading my packages, it downloads and verfies fine but when it tries to copy I get:
ERROR: Can't rename as C:/Perl/site/lib/Net/LDAP/ Permission denied
I've checked the permissions, I'm an administrator on the box. I did notice that all of the files are read only, but even the ones I can update are read only.

Does anyone have any ideas?

bluezone | Wed, 2010-06-09 07:34

You know, I'm a complete idiot. I was running ASSP and it was still running while trying to upgrade. No wonder it couldn't access the file to rename it WHILE IT WAS IN USE. More coffee is required.