Python imports old Tk 8.4 instead of 8.5

Posted by wonko_the_sane on 2009-09-19 11:12

Hi all

I feel I have looked everywhere, so hopefully this is not a redundant question..

I am usually pretty good with computers. I only recently started working with python and in my struggle to get it up and running I have become very very confused... and to be honest I'm not a 100% sure what versions of what I have installed. This is what I know:

-I am running Mac OS 10.5
-Python 2.5 was pre-installed
-Due to my trigger happy fingers I came to install python 2.3 :P
-I then downloaded Python 3.1 and installed it
-Read that I needed tkinter so..
-I found an installation guide instructing me to install tkinter using darwin ports, which I did, but this also caused python 2.4 to be installed..

### At this point I can use Python 3.1 and Tk 8.4 ###

I then wanted to upgrade Tk 8.4 to 8.5 by recomendation from some tk website. The website also recommended activestate, which I knew nothing about but it sounded great :)

- I then installed ActivePython 3.1
- ..and ActiveTcl 8.5

When entering python interactive shell it tells me that it is using ActivePython 3.1. But when I do:
>>> import tkinter
>>> tkinter._test()
It tells me that it is still using Tk 8.4

Is there some environmental variable that I need to set?
..maybe all these versions of python is messing something up?
I have used hours on the internet trying to figure this out... so any help will be highly appreciated! :)

Best wishes

sridharr | Mon, 2009-09-21 11:58

Hi there - this is a bug in the APy MacOSX build. Our build machine's Tcl was not upgraded. I opened a new bug in the bugzilla - - which will be fixed soon .. most likely before the planned October release of ActivePython 2.6.


PS: I will move this thread to the ActivePython forum.

wonko_the_sane | Wed, 2009-09-23 00:27

Thank you very much for the reply. I will look forward to the new release :)

-Wonko The Sane

PS: I was in doubt where to put it, but I suspected I did it wrong ;P

EDIT: Uh, you said the 2.6 release.. Any plans for the 3.1 release? The whole issue is with the

sridharr | Wed, 2009-09-23 11:59

Any plans for the 3.1 release? The whole issue is with the

A new 3.1 release may not happen very soon (especially that I will be on vacation on October). But I did a local build of 3.1 along with the fix and uploaded the resulting for use in your local 3.1 installation.

1. Download
2. Copy that to /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.1/lib/python3.1/lib-dynload/ (after making a backup of the original file)

It would work for you as it did for me (on an intel macbook).


wonko_the_sane | Thu, 2009-09-24 00:00

It worked like a charm :D

If someone else are using this workaround, then just remember to give the file that "srid" has provided executable permissions:
"chmod oug+x"
but you probably know this ;)

And thanks again srid. Have a great vacation.

-Wonko The Sane