Problems with module ActivePerl::PPM::Package

Posted by raistlin22 on 2009-07-17 05:13
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows XP Pro

I am trying to write a program, that automatically produces ppmx-Files from my own written modules. Hence I can install them by using the ppm-programm. In the moment I write the ppd-File by hand and I pack all the stuff by hand to the final ppmx-file.

Until now I found no good way for an automatic process to do this. Hence I started writing a program on my own in the following way (if there are better solutions, maybe working completely different, please tell me):

I started usíng the modules: ActivePerl::PPM::Package and the other belonging modules of ActivePerl::PPM::...

Now there is an hash to fill with information:
my $pkg = ActivePerl::PPM::Package->new(name => 'Foo',...);

My problem ist with the entrys:
provides and

I think, these both need lists. In which way do I have to pass these lists to the hash? I tried to pass lists in anonymous form to 'provides' and 'requires', but it doesn't work:

provides => here comes the list with pairs of names and versions.

What do I wrong?